The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Scoop: Many Miles. Two Women. No Sex.

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Leonard and Priya may have been on the verge of a split on The Big Bang Theory season finale, but producer Bill Prady has news for fans of the sitcom:

“We’re going to put Leonard in a long distance relationship with Priya," he tells TV Line, adding that Penny will still have feelings for Johnny Galecki's character, meaning he'll be faced with "two women and no sex."

Yes, the showrunner acknowledges he likes when things are "complicated" on the series.

Leonard and Priya in the Shower

But which of those women should Leonard ultimate choose? Voice your opinion now:

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Penny, because I love the way it impacts on Sheldon and Penny. I love Sheldon and Penny's interaction. 'On frickety frac, not this again!'


I feel a little sorry for Priya; Yes, I love the Penny-and-Leonard thing, but at the same time, Priya grew into a much warmer and likeable character throughout the season. In the least, I would like her a recurring character, of the Bernadette or Amy Farrah Fowler kind. It would be wonderful to see her becoming one of the girls - for once, can't we have the ex-girlfriend forming a truce and a bond with the ex-girlfriend-turn-(re)current-girlfriend? I had to admit that I enjoyed watching Priya and Penny bond more than Priya acting unpleasantly towards Penny. Besides, like the Koothrappalli Snrs once told Raj in The Griffin Equivalency, "Have fun tasting the local cuisine..." and then get back to good solid Indian food. Nothing wrong with that, especially as it allows Penny and Leonard to hook up again. But I'd still love to see her now and again.


It would be nice if they make one or two episodes when the whole Gang comes to India for a vacation or something like that. IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT IF THEY DO THAT!! We Indian fans would love to have the Gang in our country too!! LOVE U ALL :-)


I don't want Leonard with Priya, because I hate Priya!! But, I don't want him with Penny either. Why not a new love interest??


I wan't to watch Big bang , because of the geeky stuff , not some bullshit hook-up stories


it has got to be penny because she is a main character and she still wants to be with him too =\. it was fun seeing all the jealousies with priya's involvement, but priya's parents certainly don't approve leonard...i know its gonna be penny!!!


I want Penny to be Leonard's cause it's so nice to see a hot/ pretty/ cute chick with a nerd. It shows and gives hope to "nerds" that the outside looks don't matter but its how you can change a whole life of another; despite your "smartness"... big bag theory is a great show and can't wait for season 5 to come up :) ill be waiting impatiently with Sheldon's 'BAZINGA' phrase every time me makes one of his nerd jokes :P


when will be 5 season?


It has to Penny.


i want lenared to ultimatly choose penny cause she is a blond and blondes always win and is stunngily beautyful with her clothes that makes her look like a barbie doll. i think its wrong that he went for priya because dating your best friend's sister is not a smart move and i think raj is not to happy about the fact their together. i would like to see him asking penny's hand in marriage and have kids. also selena gomez wants to be the guest star on the show and i think they should let her.

TBBT Quotes

Mrs. Cooper: Shelly! I'm so glad you're here!
Sheldon: I saw you having naked sex.

Penny: I give up, he's impossible
Sheldon: I can't be impossible, I exist. I believe what you meant to say is, "I give up, he's improbable."