The Good Wife Season 3 Premiere to Be Titled...

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It might not be on the excitement level of a certain impending guest star, but CBS has revealed the title for The Good Wife's season three premiere.

It will be called "The Next Day."

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No real mystery here about what the title is most definitely referring to: the fallout from Alicia and Will finally spending a night together.

Will they carry on an actual relationship? A secret one? Was it a one-time event? Will Alicia go through with a divorce? So many questions. So many weeks, unfortunately, until we get any answers.

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Exceptional moment. What is the price to pay for it ?


For all you super fans it will never happen, when it is all said and done we might see some jail time for guess who? She can't go through anymore crap again or will lose the one thing she cherishes the most.
We can hardly wait for the The next day episode to get started, is there going to be a wild shakeup.


Oh...I fervently hope they did get together and had a wonderful hour (or more) with some "adult" time. I like Will and Alicia together, especially in the courtroom. They work really well together - they have a harmony and an ease with each other. But, I do think there are some conflicts to resolve before they can pursue a true relationship. For example - her marriage and kids; his past and why he can't "make a plan". Team Willicia!!! Can't wait for September 25th and "The Next Day"!!!


The Will and Alicia will never come together, she will find out this season what kind of person he really is. Alot has happened since college and she was out of the picture till her job, no communication or where he was all those years and what he had is dark past.
As for being a nice guy that is the biggest put on he uses with all his one night stands. Just the kind of person you wouldn't want for a long time relationship, so don't get your egos going he is going down the toilet fast.


I think Will and Alicia will come together, eventually. Alicia is getting a disvorse from Peter. But because Eli is taking his buisness to Lockhart & Gardner (for the campaign to get Peter, gouvernour) and Alicia is forced to work with him, i think Alicia is going to work for Louis Canning.


I think Alicia and Will are okay together, but them having a relationship, I don't know. It'll ruin her family and her career.


My guess it was a one time event, with all Will's playmates coming around it should make for very interesting viewing. This ??? roll in the hay if it went down or not will get out and cause a major problem for Alicia both personely and professionaly, not to mention her children who will blast her out of the water don't forget they are teenagers and in todays world have plenty to say and make it stick.


@KSmith I should disagree with you. You sound disappointed, hope it is not because you don't get what you want.


Wow. I'm bored already just from the title. I personally don't give a damn whether Alicia and Will play hookie to have sexy lunches. The show is bordering on Grey's Anatomy ridiculous with all that cliche stuff.
Could we get back to more interesting stories? And I don't mean get Cary and Kalinda to date either. Just interesting characterization that has nothing to do with who is sleeping (or not) with whom. It'd be nice to see Diane once in a while and to learn a little about Kalinda.
Will is boring me to tears and Alicia is just as boring when she's with him.


Can't wait for good wife to return. Best legal drama without doubt.

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Will: I can't decide this by myself, but I can sway most of the partners, and I think you'll enjoy a honeymoon period as the Governor's wife.
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Will: I want you to consider replacing Diane as managing partner.