The Mentalist Season 4 Premiere Scoop: Jane in Jail!

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Bruno Heller has our brains churning.

Soon after his show's shocking season finale, The Mentalist creator questioned whether or not Patrick Jane actually killed Red John.

Now, in a new interview with TV Guide, Heller once again hints that there's still someone out there plotting, scheming, looking to screw over Jane.

It's Red John!

When The Mentalist returns in September, Patrick won't be able to use self-defense as a motive because, Heller says...

"Not only is there no cell phone with any calls from an FBI Agent named O'Loughlin, but no gun will be found [by the police]. Within five minutes of the season-opener, Jane is in jail for homicide with no way out. And he and Lisbon, to some extent, start questioning his sanity."

Well, that would be a defense, too.

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i am in south africa and whant to know when season 4 will show here




Patrick Jane is red John


Mentalist has amazing plot and characters especially Patrick Jane's charm is hard to resist. I really love the show and I can't wait for Season 4 which has about a week left for its first episode. I don't know how they will get Jane out of jail, but I do expect some fun. I certainly think that the manhe killed was red john, if not, at least a guy who killed jane's family under the orders of RJ, I dunno. One thing for sure, this show is amazing


Im a die hard fan and cant wait to see the 4th season in sunny South Africa, can anybody tell me when will it premier in SA, all i know is that Mnet screens it and they have not given any idication as to when they will be airing it, I just wish i could meet the cast and Heller, I think that this is a brillian show and they guys make it happen, sometimes its not always the story line that captivates you but how it is depicted.


Ps: thE 4th SEASON..... KEEp�UP THE GOOD JOb �GUYS......


Great show, cannt wait for ther 4th season ..,, think sept is a lil too far though.,


All Van pelt's ex are RJ pawns. She brings her guy to the house where he is killed. She works in the cbi. Her hair is red. Wouldn t she be Red Johan???


Potential plot holes:
1) Who were expecting at the mall? Cho and Rigsby were monitoring and waiting for someone... but what was the end game?
IF Bertran WAS the real informant, why do you need to set up cameras? What was the supposed trap they had prepared for the chief?
2) How did red john know where Jane would be setting up the trap for the Chief Bertran?
3) Using an asset as important as O'Loughlin participating directly in the murder of Hightower would be very dumb in Red John standards:
The reason to kill Hightower was to cover his real insider, but:
+ If O'Loughlin succeeded killing every member at the safehouse, everyone would have known that O'Loughlin was the responsible because the rest of the team knows that he went there with the idiot of Van Pelt (all his ex-boyfriends are Red John pawns? wtf).
+ If the rest of the team didn't know that O'Loughlin went to the safehouse, he would still be under direct suspicion, raising too much heat on to him.
(The safest move would have been visiting the safehouse just to confirm the presence of Hightower at the place, and then concerting an accident later using other RJ pawns, but still if they investigated the leaker, O'Loughlin would have been the prime suspect)


I think that it would be nice if Jane could fight just a little bit... after all, he was a dawgone carnie... He should've learned something besides how to read minds... He should also know how to brawl... if he was a real carnie, he would be incredibly uneducated... he should be fairly well-rounded... the other carnies (family) would've seen to that... unless they didn't like him or his parents...

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