The Mentalist Season 4 Premiere Scoop: Jane in Jail!

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Bruno Heller has our brains churning.

Soon after his show's shocking season finale, The Mentalist creator questioned whether or not Patrick Jane actually killed Red John.

Now, in a new interview with TV Guide, Heller once again hints that there's still someone out there plotting, scheming, looking to screw over Jane.

It's Red John!

When The Mentalist returns in September, Patrick won't be able to use self-defense as a motive because, Heller says...

"Not only is there no cell phone with any calls from an FBI Agent named O'Loughlin, but no gun will be found [by the police]. Within five minutes of the season-opener, Jane is in jail for homicide with no way out. And he and Lisbon, to some extent, start questioning his sanity."

Well, that would be a defense, too.

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Hi everybody, I write from italy (sorry for my english).
I've just seen on tv the last episode from season two, and the voice of the man in the mask that kills jane's kidnappers is the same of the man that Jane kills in the season3 final... If there are 2 RJ ??


Frankly, I don't think that real Red John is dead. If I'm asked who RJ might be,in my opinion that would be Minelli (but he seems like a nice guy though) or... Walter Mashburn (because he is very rich,has many useful resources,Walter would do anything for a thrill and he is so cold-blooded when he's talking about a murder,so that makes him look suspicious to me). Anyway I just want to know if anyone here can answer on my question and that is: How did RJ knew where Patrick and Bertram will be (at the bar in the mall) because Patrick did not told Bertram where Hightower is to meet him (he just called it a "dot") and the only two other persons who knew where the trap is are Cho and Rigsby (probably Lisbon too) because they were there,observing the whole situation. I'd really like to hear a logical explanation here,because i can't think of any hence i'm asking you.
Thank you :D


For those of us living in California, we get to often view the filming on location of certain t.v. shows. The mentalist was indeed filming at a courthouse in southern california on the 18th, the first day of shooting apparently for season 4. So we will see Patrick remanded in court for the murder of R.J. A lot of secrecy however on the set.


Bear in mind that Laroche quoted from the same poem to Lisbon as RJ did to PJ


That's not RJ, kinda foolish if that was RJ. Now what I think is RJ is still out there and this is an associate of his, wonder what's gonna happen in season 4, very interesting end in this season.


I'm more interested in what Heller is going to do with the fact that one of the cuts in the adopted State of California 2011-12 Budget has a potential significant impact on CBI employees Teresa Lisbon, Kimball Cho, Grace Van Pelt, and Wayne Rigsby and consultant Patrick Jane. What happens when reality could derail fiction? Following the adoption of the budget, California Attorney General Kamala Harris issued a news release in which she noted "The Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement will also likely be eliminated...." One has to wonder if the 2011 fall season opener should begin with Lisbon telling her team of possible layoffs. Would make for an interesting story arc too many Americans could relate to. Of course if the whole CBI gets the ax, maybe they can form a private investigation firm.


Korean 정� 마지막으로, 위� 쓰신 것과 다른내용��, 위�서는 �� 발견�지 않고, 오러블린(?)� 레드존(RJ)�게 전화를 걸었� 내역� 없어 정당방위가 �정�지 않는다고 했는�.. 제 �그마한 �견으로는.. 제�� 정당방위를 받�것으로 사료�다.. 레드존용��는 신문지� 할로우��트탄� 장전� 리벌버�� 소지하고 있었고, � �� 제��게 조준하고 있었으므로, 불가피하게 사격� 하게 �었다.. 하�타워와 지금� 퇴�한 테레사� 전 �관� �맥� 최대한 ��하여, 정당방위로 풀려날 것�고, 불법무기를 보유하고 있었다면 불법무기 소지죄� 벌금형만 선고받고, 풀려나게 �다.. 제�� 부�과 딸� 복수는 하였지만, 그리움� 잊지못해 빠�서 술로 하루하루를 버텨나가고, 리스본� 뒤�서 제�� 그런모습� 그냥 안타�게 보고 있기만한다.. 그후 레드존과 똑같� 형�� 살�사건� 발�하였고, 모�들 모방범죄로 용��를 추�하였지만, 현장� 본 제�� 레드존� 솜씨를 ��하여, 눈� 충열�며, 리스본�게, 레드존� 범행��고 �하지만 리스본� 제�아 레드존� 죽었어.. 너가 �접 � 죽�고, 시신까지 부검하여 완전히 죽�걸 확�했잖아.. �고 �하고, 제�� 다시한번 제 2� 레드존� 쫓는 스토리로 전개�듯 한�.. 제 ��입니다..^^;;


Korean 아참.. 팀강씨� 정� 멋집니다..^^ 다�시즌�서� 정� 멋진 모습 기대하겠습니다..^^


Koaran 한글로�� �나 모르겠네요.. �게 올�가려나?? 멘탈리스트 정� 재미있게 시청하고 있답니다.. 브르노헬러씨 시즌4� 기대하고 있습니다.. 제�� 멋진 활약� 기대하겠습니다.. 제�씨 너무 불�해.. 싸�먼 베�커씨 당신 정� 멋져요..^^ 그럼 �만 줄�겠습니다..


How could one not see that the inevitable conclusion is a collusion between R.J. and his associates. Why kill cops? When any of them would get too close to the truth, even by accident, they were eliminated. Also Brett Stiles knew a lot about R.J. and even where Kristine Fry was being kept. Since she was alive, one assumes that she is related to R.J. in some way and he would not kill her but return her toPatrick to further bewilder him. How he gets out of prison will be difficult since all the proof he needs to square his actions with the law has supposedly been removed from the crime scene. He is on his own, in jail while both Lisbon and Van Pelt recover from the events. I think Hightower will prove to be a great asset to Jane. What an interesting turn of events for a manipulative writer, Mr. Heller

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