Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "When Opportunity Knocks"

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There were a lot of new developments on "When Opportunity Knocks." It felt like a lot of things finally came to the surface in many ways.

Often, the kids dance around issues and don't admit to how they're really feeling, but lately they've been owning up to stuff, which, quite honestly, is a part of growing up.

Ben vs. Leo

Grace had been absent from the past few episodes, supposedly on a medical trip to Africa. When she finally came back, she avoided her beloved Grant. Her excuses were perfectly valid, as Adrian went through trauma and she hadn't seen her family, either. However, you could tell there was way more to the story.

As Grace said, she's just like Betty... the old Betty. Point blank, she felt like a ho. Grace cheated on Grant with a guy named Daniel, who also lives in California. I'm not super surprised actually. Grace has always proclaimed to be conservative, but she has an unmistakable lust for life (no pun intended.) She wants new experiences, she wants to fall in love, and just because she loves the idea of love, that doesn't mean she can really be tied down.

Aside from the physical ramifications that Grace could experience from sleeping with every guy she dates, I'm personally worried about the emotional consequences. Grace has to pump that brake a little and get to know these guys. I'm disappointed that she cheated on Grant because they had such a great relationship, but maybe Grant did a little cheating of his own? Only time will tell!

Speaking of cheating, Madison needs to get a damn grip. Calling Jack's parents in Arizona because she's paranoid about him moving away for school and spending time with Grace's family was psycho. I'm glad to see Lauren has gained some wisdom in the past few years and hopefully she can talk some sense into her best friend.

Is Ben really in therapy? It's clear he needs to be with all of that rage building up. If he doesn't want to be with Adrian, he shouldn't keep running around town and screaming it to anyone who will listen. He took a vow, he needs to talk to his wife.

As far as vows go, Leo has broken one of his by kissing Camille. How is it possible he really didn't know she was in love with him? I don't think that their story is over yet. I's just getting started.

The same is to be said of Amy and Ricky. Everyone needs to stop throwing the word "marriage" around. They're finally in a good place and growing as a couple and as a family, why do their relatives feel the needs to throw in thoughts to complicate things?


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This is wat shuld have happened a long time ago.. Amy an ricky finally gettin along an raisin john 2gether.. 2 hell wit anyone else.


This show glorifies everything that is wrong. Ashley travels across the country with a boy whose grandmother will not be there for another 2 weeks; Ben has made it clear to anyone that will listen that hr doesn't want to be married to Adrain, Grace is having sex with every guy that she dates; and Ricky and Amy are living together with John and no one is making a committment. No committment means that either one can walk away when they get tired...marriage means you're in it for the long it out. I don't think I'm watching it anymore and neither will my girls.


This show annoys me. What parent is going to allow their 15 year old (or is she only 14?) go on a road trip with a boy?? Ashley is the most annoying character on the show. I don't know where the writers get their ideas from. Both Ben and Leo are trapped in marriages they don't want? Grace went from being sure she would wait for marriage to have sex has now had sex with 3 different boys?

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