The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 63

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Damon took a whiff of Bonnie in the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, leading to a number of humorous entries.

We appreciate them all, but there can just one victor. In this case, it's user named Sara Maria Zelaya. She references the most well-known of all perfumes in her submission, which we've published below.

Thanks again for playing and remember to do so every week!

D & B

Is that Obsession by Calvin Klein?

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As much as YOu hate to admit it! "B"
You knOw YOu LOve me...
xOxO DamOn saLvatOre


Damon I told elena I would always chose her but I lied
Bonnie how bout next season
Damon deffenitly


Damon:Look here foxy brown, I know you are 90210 new writer and I do not agree on you axeing Teddy, so this what you will do either you bring him back as a regular or I will tear your head off and burn your pieces like Edward did on Twilight.


Bonnie: Dont make me use my witchy juju on you.
Damon: And what, make me kill your boyfriends ex girlfriends? Been there Done that! What else is new?
Bonnie: Ugh, you're such an ass.
Damon: You know you want me.


"Is that Obsession by Calvin Klein?"


Bonnie:I know what you are
Damon:Say it...out loud. Say it.
Damon:Damn right I am ;P


Damon:Baby 2nyt,the Dj got us fallin in luv again,i wana mek luv in this club..Its just tht u r the wrong gal.Bonnie:Ouch!Wat does she hav that i dont?


Bonnie:I can feel ua heart beatin fast..Careful,i mit actually believe u care..Damon:U know u kinda do it 4 me!


Damon:Thanx 4 savin the last dance,we both know u mit not mek it wen u take on Alaric/Klaus.Atleast ul die happy,enjoy our Bamon moment.Tell u a secret,i told Elena il always choose her..Id gladly let u die..Bonnie:Wat a jerk,i shld hav finished u wen i set u on fire!!


Bonnie:U got me n i cldnt defend it,i tried but i had 2 surrender,ua style got me under the spell,left me no other choice but 2 get down. Its 2 late,its 2 late,u got it,u got it!

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