The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 63

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Damon took a whiff of Bonnie in the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, leading to a number of humorous entries.

We appreciate them all, but there can just one victor. In this case, it's user named Sara Maria Zelaya. She references the most well-known of all perfumes in her submission, which we've published below.

Thanks again for playing and remember to do so every week!

D & B

Is that Obsession by Calvin Klein?

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Damon: OMG, your hair is so soft! What shampoo do you use?
Bonnie: ... errm .... herbal essences..?
Damon: argh, got to get myself some of that..


Damon: Wanna be my new obsession?


Damon: Are you happy to see me? Cause I'm happy to see you.
Bonnie: I can tell.


Damon: Miss me?
Bonnie: You have no idea.


Damon: Boo!


Bonnie: Damon, what are you doing?
Damon: act natural... i'm tring to make Elena jealous.


Damon(as he sniffs her hair): " Is that... L'oreal Paris?"
Bonnie(thinks): "Damn, I gotta stop taking my showers with the windows open.."


Damon:"If you're a vampire kill it quick on the floor.." Bonnie: "La la la la l.. wait, those aren't the lyrics!" Damon: "One can dream.."


Damon: Would you mind if I called you Elena for this dance?
Bonnie: Since I am dating her little brother, yeah I would mind. That would be traumatic for more than one person.


Damon thinking:OMG.....I don't know how long can i take this smell!

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