Timeslot Showdown: Hart of Dixie vs. House

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Has Gregory House met his programming match in Zoe Hart?

Indeed, two doctors will be hoping you schedule an appointment with them at 9 p.m. Mondays this fall, as Fox shifts House back an hour (to make room for Terra Nova) and The CW premieres Hart of Dixie.

Many readers are excited about the latter, which features Rachel Bilson's return to the small screen. Are you among them? Will she rank above the grouchy diagnostician in your DVR? Sound off below.

Zoe at Work
House Boxing

Which Monday night drama will you watch this fall?

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Hart of Dixie. Hope it wins the Peoples Choice for best new series. House is boring and the main actor is an arrogant jerk.

Gaby ee

As I live outside of the US and we don't have the same schedules here, I will probably watch both online :) Nevertheless, if I had to choose, I would definitely chose House.


I'm sorry, but what the eff is Hart of Dixie? Please, not even a contest. Hugh Laurie can act circles around Rachel Bilson any day of the week. That girl was in Jumper, for chrissake.


I don't even watch House in general. So ultimately, my choice is Hart of Dixie. :)


Hart of Dixie of course! i must support summer roberts. screw house.


Yall are crazy if you think Hart of Dixie is beating House. I will be watching House. Everybody has always said House is not an 8PM show so I guess we shall see!


"Hart of Dixie" indeed


i Wil watch Hart of Dixie ofcourse!

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