True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review: Under New Ownership

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Of all the lovable lunacy that comprises every season of True Blood, perhaps the most astonishing fact is this: all three seasons have only comprised a couple months of actual time in Bon Temps.

But that changed on "She's Not There," as season four picked up twelve and a half months after events on the September finale.

Until the final few moments, this made for an episode that managed to feel both busy and slow. A majority of the hour was spent catching the viewers up on the state of various characters - and I tune in to True Blood for sex, violence and hilarious lines such as Pam telling Jessica she's "eye-fucking a fang-banger," not exposition.

True Blood Premiere Scene

Okay, so Jessica is living with Hoyt and lusting after humans... Andy is hooked on V... Sam has joined some sort of shape-shifter support group... Tara has taken on a new identity (and a new lover, mystery solved!) in New Orleans... Lafayette has new, magical friends... Arlene is scared of her son... Nan Flanagan must rehab the image of vampires... Jason is a cop and is now in an icebox... fairy time moves slower than an episode of The Killing....

That's A LOT to throw at us in one episode. Too much, really. But the jam-packed premiere was saved by these closing developments:

Bill is King of Louisiana?!? That would be an awesome enough surprise on its own, as Bill needs a storyline outside of merely protecting Sookie and it should be fun to watch him boss around Eric for a change.

But he also has some connection to/interest in the witches, clearly, as evidenced by the member of the coven who raced over to the mansion. He also could be getting it on with Portia Bellefleur, Andy's sister, Sookie's lawyer and someone I couldn't blame the vampire for going after. Actress Courtney Ford, call me!

Marnie can revive parrots?!? A great, eerie debut by Fiona Shaw as the head of the creepiest clique in town. Marnie is instantly a fascinating character because she isn't arriving on the scene with unexplained mystical powers and motives (cough... cough...  Mary-Ann... cough... cough...). It looks like we'll actually watch her accumulate various spells and, I can only assume, devious plans to go along with them.

Sookie... is... Eric's?!? Wow. I knew the housing market was bad, but I wasn't aware they were offering such deals as ownership of the beautiful previous resident when you purchase these days. Think Eric got a low, fixed rate, too?

Seriously, though, what a smooth line Eric delivered upon seeing Sookie in the buff. What does it mean that she's now "his?" There's no way the show is hooking these two up already, this early in the season, right? And, if it does, how will the new King react? Fun questions to ponder.

I didn't dislike any of the storylines presented, I just didn't love the way they were all thrown at us so rapidly. But now that we're here and now that True Blood has returned, we can all just sit back and let the fun - and sex, and gore, and suspense - flow.

What did everyone else think?


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They could use some better writers! What happened to that real estate deal Tommy was swindling Maxine out of? What in the world happened to Tara? It is like the writers do not know what to do with her character, and have her going all over the place. I missed bad Eric, glad he is sort of back. Just why did Jesus and Lafayette go to Mexico? A lot of filler, going all over the place.
This style of writing is starting to remind me of Miami Vice.


Sam and Tommy running naked through the woods all the time, Jesús and Lafayette getting in on all the time and now Tara is a lesbo. This has turned into a seriously gay show. The unabashed heterosexual orgies and constant pointless sex scenes in the past seasons were over the top but at least they were tolerable. I'm sure if I keep watching the writers will eventually have Bill and Eric blowing each other. Really sad. There were few characters left that were pillars and they made Andy a V junkie. Can't stand the show now. Meth lab hillbillies are Werepanthers give me a break. Four episodes into season 4 and I'm finished.


I really was into this show, and have watched it for some time now. But I gotta tell ya, it SUCKS!! I dont know if there are new writers, or the got a bunch of shit for the radical previous episodes, but its boring now. Disapointed!!!!


First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and love the books even more! Just have to say it though, am I the only one out there that can't stand Anna Paquin as Sookie? Geez, the girl drives me crazy!!! Girlfriend needs some acting lessons.


So far season 4 is a real disappointment. What is up with Tara being a lesbian now? Competing with the Real L word? What’s up with the disrespect to Martial Arts? No black belt would announce their rank in the street to another person and then act all tough only phony wannabes do that. Then Eric forgot Sookie and called her Snookie…shouting out to Jersey Shore? Seems like there is more underlying marketing here than actual writing. The writers should really go back to the books and stop with all of the bullsh*t. The last episode just had Sookie reading Charlaine Harris’ book…wtf? They couldn’t come up with something better…that was such a tacky marketing move. It seems like the writers got tired or maybe hired an ex advertising executive to join the team. i don’t know what the deal is but I hope it gets better. Season one and three seemed so authentic and real, this season just seems…corny.


I never expect or care about season premieres to be very exciting, as long as the season ending is the best. the premiere was good, yeah ill admit it was slow, but it was good to see what everyone has been up too. it catches you up, but come on, this show is on its fourth season for a reason. im sure now everyone has seen the second episode, and that was a bang. haha so glad to have this excitement again for sundays. wouldnt be surprised if this season turns out to be one of the best.

Bobbie whited

My friend wanted me to watch this show with her, it lost me when Bill popped out of the gave only to immediately have sex with Sookie. Im sure she got a infection. I mean he was covered in mud and possible dog poop. Also they was no foreplay so lots of chafing. Yea i dont this show, the books where way better.


So sad...I can't believe this is how the show is going. I get it, it can't be the book--Personally, I have looked foward to Alan Ball's creative changes to the story line. However, he lost me on this one. I MISS GAME OF THRONES NOW...I said 2 episodes in with GOT that unless true blood steps it up this season, GOT is my new favorite show...and from the start of this season, True Blood is no longer even in the top 5. Come on...Bill King... and the whole thing was so cheesy. of my shows. The best part about watching True Blood in the past was that here you were talking and watching vampires, werewolves, maenads, shapeshifters of all sorts and so on, and yet none of it was cheesy-- it all seemed to make sense and was really cool! Now, not so much. So sad:(


Really wanted to see the fight between Bill and the Old Queen though!


Bill still sucks- King or not.

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We'll stay for five minutes. 10 if they got dranks.


I have a fairy godmother? Okay, if your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck.