True Blood Season 4: Six Spoilers, Two Clips!

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Are you prepared for the fourth season of True Blood?

In anticipation of this Sunday's premiere, creator Alan Ball warns viewers that "everything you thought you can count on, you can't." What, exactly, does that mean? We'll soon find out. In the meantime, enjoy the following pair of season four clips, along with a primer on what's to come...

WITCHES, led by Fiona Shaw's Marnie, will erase Eric's memory and suck Lafayette into their coven.

SOOKIE will "stand on her own," Anna Paquin says, while Bill will try to enjoy life as a bachelor.

PAM will face a "downward spiral," warns Kristin Bauer. Look for her to cause trouble just when vampires are attempting to rehab their image.

A NEW SHAPESHIFTER teaches Sam some lessons. Says Janina Gavankar: "My character explains the full-range of capabilities that shapeshifters have.. There's a really dark side to shapeshifters and that's something we'll explore. There's potential wrongdoings that can happen."

JASON will "fight for his life" as he attempts to grow up and be a role model in Hot Shot, says Ryan Kwanten.

DEBBIE PELT will return and try to befriend Sookie.

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oh oh! Eric, I don't thinnk that was a very smart move...but he'll be fine, the series wouldn't be as good without him.


Oh I can't wait for Trueblood tommorrow! Does anybody notice, Jessica's hair is not as red as before;its strawberry blonde? Which I like. Could this be a clue into her character? Yeah, Eric doesn't not negotiate.


i'm looking forward to that one..... both of them!!!!!!!!


OOh i dont want those witches to obey Eric. Kick his ass!

True Blood Quotes

I'm not a monster, I'm a buddhist!


Guess that whole friendship things on hold.


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