Two Gossip Girl Characters to Stay in L.A.?

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Will two Gossip Girl characters decide to stay in L.A. in the fifth season premiere?

It would appear so, if the Gossip Girl writers' Twitter account can be trusted!

See below. Then chime in with who you think it is ...

Writers Tweet

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agree with @karlix and I´m also guessing isn´t going to be any main character: maybe someone out of Rufus, Lily, Charlie, Cece, Jenny, Eric, Dorota, but know, is gonna be 2 character so only God knows!!! the combinations are endless!!!


Writers are saying that nobody is guessing right so I have no idea, s+n are the obvious but with all this new and really good writers I have no idea , but in real life Blake, Leighton and chace are still and will be in other things this next month ,so I am going for lily and cece


LOL!!!! these childish people!!!! look, you can say whatever you want to feel better but we all know Nate and Serena are one of the most popular couples on Gossip Girl, and yes yes, we get you are STILL obssesed with Penn Badgley and Blake Lively but it is time to MOVE ON!..... for your own sake...


I believe Nate is staying in LA..Be gone for a while, while Chace films his new movie, definitely sounds plausible :)

Uncle jackass

There are only so many combinations on who the two that are staying in LA: 1. Serena & Nate Stay in LA: Yes, they get stereo-typed as the most boring and unintelligent couple in GG, but their personalities seem to connect well with each other. But is the more intelligent individual? One can say that Serena has showed a better aptitude for 'applied' academics, but not with proper direction (an arts or commerce background). 2. Nate & Chuck Stay in LA: The Bromance continues... out of all the couples that need to 'reconnect' it has to be this one. 3. Serena & Chuck Stay in LA: Why? A long term sister/brother bonding session? A possible romance? Ewh!? 4. Serena & Fake Cousin Charlie (Ivy) stay in LA: The tanned with the fake tanned. 5. Rufus & Lily Stay in LA? Somewhere over the rainbow lies the couple that actually need some R&R. Or Alternatively, this is not a spoiler and we can ignore this information til we get some actual future leaked scripts.


oh god. serena and nate. i think it's safe to say they are the dumbest, most boring and probably most sexually active (they're both whores) couple on television. they do NOT have substance, and they are NOT going to happen.


Better be Serena and Nate. They're so California HOT looking. We need Chuck back by Blair's side, otherwise, what's the point of watching GG, right?


Serena'll prob stay to finish her movie.. Idk who it'll be with her but she'll be coming back. Its possible this isnt even a legit spoiler!


Oh I think I got it: Serena and Charlie, to reenact their mothers trip through LA


Serena and someone else, obvi. Maybe Nate and Chuck will extend their lost summer, but Nate and Serena, I think. But if Chuck and Serena stay behind, the writers will have officially run out of all possible gossip girl pairings sans Eric/Dorota.

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