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Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 3 Photos: Welcome, Aaron Ashmore!

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Warehouse 13 returns to SyFy with new episodes on July 11 - and with many questions. To wit:

  • Will Myka return to work?
  • Have we seen the last of H.G. Wells?
  • What is the deal with Steve Jinks, the new agent played by Aaron Ashmore?

Fans will need to wait a month before answers are provided, but they can enjoy some teases via the following third season premiere photos. They include shots of Jinks, Pete and others:

Warehouse 13 Season 3 Premiere
  • Steve Jinks Picture
  • Pete and New Partner
  • Mrs. Frederick Image
  • Claudia on Warehouse 13
  • Pete Lattimer Image

Warehouse 13 will be included on a night of SyFy premieres. Look for the return of Eureka and the debut of Alphas to also take place on July 11.

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This is a shout out to all of t.v. land-dom...why does it seem that every good show is being put on Monday night?!! There are those of us who dont' go out on Friday and Saturday nights (pathetic or married or both) and there is NOTHING worth watching on those nights. Come on! Enough already! My DVR can only record so many shows!!!


soooo unbelievably excited for WH13 coming back....