Weeds Season 7 Premiere Review: Three Years Later...

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I never like it when a show takes a major time jump between seasons.

It always feels like a storytelling crutch, like a lazy way to start fresh and quickly tie up loose ends up. Such was the case on "Bags," the seventh season opener for Weeds and an episode that was mostly spent catching viewers up on a past we never saw, while establishing a wholly new future to come.

Freedom for Nancy

Case in point: Esteban is dead? Just like that?!?

The most significant character outside of the main clique, and the father of Nancy's son, was axed in a two-sentence announcement by FBI Agent Lipschitz. Yes, this now opens season seven up to a wide range of possibilities, but as someone who appreciates flow and continuity in my TV show, it was a disappointing way for Weeds to start anew.

As always, though, tremendous work by Mary Louise Parker. I've never been able to determine whether Nancy had any true feelings for Esteban and most of that is due to Parker's portrayal of a confused, torn, desperate woman. There's a good chance that Nancy herself never really knew how she felt.

Aside from the disturbing image of Shane shacking up with a woman - seriously, remember when he was playing youth soccer on season one? - there's not much to say about events in Copenhagen.

Again, that's the problem with fast-forwarding three years. Viewers must simply digest a wealth of exposition at once: Silas has been a model, Shane has been involved in puppeteering and Andy is running for office? Okay. I can consider myself caught up now.

I'll be happy to ignore these complaints once the arc of season seven is established - and I very much welcome the increased presence of Jennifer Jason Leigh for what I assume will be a custody battle over Stevie - but the premiere just felt like it was throwing a lot of new, random information at us.

Nancy was getting it on with her cellmate, who pointed her toward a sauna-based key on the outside, which led to a bag full of guns and grenades in the trunk of a car?!? Well, alright then. Doesn't seem remotely related to anything from the season six finale, but it's clear I need to stop worrying about that.

It's a new season, in a new city, with new drug and family-related matters to come. I like all of these characters too much to not get on board eventually, but I would have preferred a smoother transition from one set of storylines to the next.


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Only on Weeds would the lead character get out of jail and in the same day find a suitcase full of grenades in an old cars trunk. I just marvel at the sheer balls of this show sometimes. They are willing to take their stories anywhere.


@Pejeno - That "solution" just seems way too easy to me.


"Perhaps Esteban isn't actually dead." Good point. That would make things much more interesting.


I was really disappointed. I love Weeds and was so amped to see it and I just sat dumbfounded as it ended. Next episode has to be better.


Concerning the whole "custody battle" thing the reviewer mentioned, come on, Nancy Botwin is an awesome, sexy drug dealer. I get a feeling that she loves her son more than her sister. There will be no "custody battle", she will show up, demonstrate to her sister that she's not one to fuck with, and take her son. Come on, Nacy Botwin - Law Abiding Citizen? Do you really expect that? :)


agreed, I think that the show reinvented itself in a funny way.


Perhaps Esteban isn't actually dead.

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Official: Maybe he's somewhere trying to change his name.