White Collar Review: A Character Welcome

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His personality cup definitely runneth over.

Mozzie is a man of many names and faces, and we got a taste of another one of them in the "Dentist of Detroit." Attempting to raise money for the group home in which he grew up, Mozzie unknowingly put himself the sights of a Detroit mobster looking to run a con on the Irish mob.

Pals and Schemers

It's striking that White Collar continues to hit nerves of sentimentality in every episode, despite the fact Neal and Mozzie are so set on leaving the lives they've built and maintained for themselves in New York over the past two seasons.

This is interesting to me because if Neal and Mozzie are so sure about leaving, I'm hard-pressed to believe they wouldn't have gone and done it already. Art smuggling issues aside, I think Mozzie and Neal are, subconsciously, beginning to maybe reconsider their options.

If Mozzie wasn't as unsentimental as he preaches to be, he certainly would have changed his name to something other than the name he gave to his childhood companion.

I loved learning about Mozzie this episode. He was a complete genius as a child, and no doubt Mr. Jeffries was a prime influence in that. The reunion between the two was short-lived, and I would have liked to have seen more of it. Their quote-off was priceless.

This episode was White gold and sure to be a favorite for many fans, including this one. It highlighted just how integral Mozzie's skills and personality are to Neal and to the whole unit. If they all didn't love him, they sure wouldn't have gone to such lengths to help him. The cantalope con to get himself out of the hotel room was priceless, just one of the many moments that made this episode great.

Chatting with Mozzie

Other highlights:

  • Learning that when Mozzie was young, he couldn't pronounce his prized bear's name, Mozart, and called him "Mozzie" instead.
  • The large rimmed glasses and rings of Mozzie's youth remaining a constant fixture in his life and style.
  • Peter undercover.
  • The faux fight between Peter and Neal to make a scene.
  • Elizabeth taking a photo of Neal and Peter in their tuxes like the proud mom of teenage boys going to Prom.
  • Neal and Peter preventing a mob war.
  • Elizabeth revealing two scandalous run-ins with the law.

On a sidenote, for those of you who watched live, didn’t you love the adoption PSA starring the full cast of the show? Who didn’t enjoy the cameo by Garson’s real-life adopted son? It was definitely a welcome addition to the hour.

On another note, who is looking forward to next week's episode when Peter goes undercover solo? I know I can't wait!


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    Can some1 pls tell me why promote hilarie to series regular yet not hav her in every episode urg unless shes was filming fo OTH now that way i will forgive them


    I adored this episode. The beginning of this season was kind of a let down for me because I just started the show a few weeks ago and caught up in time to see the start of the new season. I spend those few weeks seeing the strong bromance between Neal and Peter, only to have it so fragile this season. I was glad to see in this episode that Neal isn't throwing it away as easily as he made it seem before. My faith in the show has been completely restored.


    Great! Levels upon levels. The FBI conned 2 opposing mobs into thinking they were conning each other in order to stop a mob war. Neal and Peter's fake fight unknowingly mirroring their real relationship. Mozzie pulling a Ferris Bueller. "You're a living conspiracy theory". "See they do exist." Mozzie's origin story! Mozzie's name origin!


    I've been a fan of the show since episode #1 and never miss one. Although I love all the characters...they have such depth...I am increasingly impressed with Mozzie. You always knew he was very bright and had valuable skills to add to Neal's cons, but just how bright is becoming increasingly apparent. Great episode!!


    Fantastic episode, I loved finding out how Mozzie got his name. Would like to learn his real name or the one the orphanage gave him. I'm sure it wasn't Mozzie because there was no note & he couldn't talk at the time to say Mozzie. Sure showed you how much Neil & Peter love the "Little Guy"


    I LOVED this episode. Definitely in my top 5...and the PSA...WELL DONE. Not only did I enjoy learning where Mozzie's name came from, Peter's reaction to both the name and the quote-off was great as well.


    This show never ceases to amaze me. I adore the entire cast and each and every episode. Fan for life.

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