White Collar Spoilers: Twists and Turns to Come!

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As any White Collar fan knows, the relationship between Neal and Peter is going through some tough times. Suspicions are running wild, as was evident on the season premiere.

That might not change any time soon, creator Jeff Eastin tells TV Line, teasing "some pretty good twists and turns" to come over the next few weeks.

White Collar Pairing

Nothing too dramatic or permanent will take place, though.

“We constantly have in mind that people like the show because of the relationship between Peter and Neal,” Eastin said. “So we work very hard to try to keep that, and not turn it into something so antagonistic that it’s not fun to watch.”

Peter, of course, is currently in possession of a partial manifest of the art on the Nazi U-boat. Look for this to serve as a way to help him relax over things with his partner, Eastin says.

"[Peter] may be still slightly concerned that Neal did it, but he feels like he’s got protection with the list.”


After watching Ep.2 of White Collar, I believe "Neal Caffrey" is an alias and would explain why Peter could find no info on him before his 18th birthday - that's when he changed his name to Neal Caffrey and subsequently met Mozzie!
I don't think Neal wants to leave his current life with Peter and go live on a desert island with Mozzie. He enjoys doing the con and what he gets from it, but he also likes the life and friends he currently has. He didn't want to leave with Kate, so he really doesn't want to leave with Mozzie.
I think as Mozzie keeps pushing Neal to leave, it will create a rift between them and add more stress to Neal because of what he owes Mozzie. Neal will delay the rift by working with Mozzie to try to find the Manifest from the sub.
If I thought like Neal, I would keep the Treasure and use it to help people, to catch criminals with Peter, and work toward getting full immunity and freedom from the Feds.
It should be a good season!

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