Who is Going Gay on True Blood?

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We have a simple, intriguing True Blood spoiler:

A heterosexual character will get involved in a same-sex relationship on season four of the HBO smash.

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Who will it be? Michael Ausiello, who broke the news, said fans won't too shocked after the reveal takes place.

Our guess? Tara, and here is why: it would make sense, given her history with men. And this is what Rutina Wesley told us in an exclusive interview that will go live tomorrow:

"In Season Four, we will see Tara in a whole new light. She's stronger, fiercer, and has learned how to love herself... [she'll go on a] journey she never even dreamed possible."

What do you think, fans?     

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Alan this is out of the order Tara cannot die. Sookie need to call for Bill r Eric ti aid Tara. Tara needs to be back with Sam!!!!


It was SUCH A TIRED CLICHE how they had Tara and some Asian girl rolling around in their panties in bed. It's like some teen boy movie. I really thought it cheapened the show. Lafayette's homosexuality is a part of him. He's been gay his whole life. But with Tara's character the writers just made it seem so cheap and phoney. I cringed watching that.


I just found out today it is Tara; this is very upsetting.


I think its gonna be Jessica. She's young and still trying to find herself and things are on the edge with her and Hoyt. I think Pam may have something to do with whomever goes gay.


Its going to be Hoyt. It makes complete and total sense.


if it's alex I dont know what I'll do....


100% agree with that i think it is going to be Tara


It's Sam he gets involved with Bill in the books.


Definitely Tara. She's disappeared for over year and has come back. Chances are she has come back with a someone and she's gone gay with them.


are you crazy franklin was a psycho, i dont really care for Tara that much, never could get into her character, but even i hated what franklin did to her.....but my guess is Tara cuz Jason is going to be busy in hotshot making babies

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