Who Should Play the New Captain on Castle?

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Like our Round Table panelists, many Castle fans are still processing the shocking events on May's season finale.

But, instead of looking back, ABC is giving viewers a reason to glance ahead: the show will bring on a new police captain this fall, a woman the network describes as "ambitious, good-looking, career-minded" and "more adept at politics than police work."

Shooting at a Funeral

Will she allow Castle the sort of access to cases to which he's grown accustomed? We'll leave that question for another time.

For now, we just wanna know: Who would you cast in this key role? Angelia Bassett? Diane Lane? Submit your suggestions now!

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I would have captain still alive. Faked death so he and his family are safe. Then Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Espezeto can catch bad guys!!!!


The best actress is Diane Lane. OMG I love all of her movies. Diane gets into every charater in such a way that it draw you in.


This scenario was done on the Mentalist and in my opinion it was not very successful. Maybe the writers couldn't think of anything new. Hopefully the writers will not get roadblock like they have done on House.


ME!!!! I would love to be the Captain of Castle!!!!


Jane Seymour or Melissa Leo


I respect these writers; however, Roy's death is a blow I'm having a hard time processing. A little like how so many of the characters have been impacted by Castle's killing off Derrick Storm. I know there will not be some "shower/dream" resolution reminiscent of the old Dallas series, but I would really like to think he & Kate are both in some elaborate witness protection plan, working behind the scenes to bring that story line to a conclusion. The way they tied him to the thugs made that impossible, though, I suppose. I will really miss that character. Can't see how it will be fun at the 12th now. Be careful: we watch it for the fun, the relationships--all of them--and, of course the ongoing Castle/Beckett dance. Don't take away too much fun. I am weary of the other love interests for them. Tension from the Captain's office?! Ugh,


Lisa edelstein !!!!!! :) or Diane Lane...


Totaly detective kevin ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that they've said they're looking for a female aged late-40s-early-50s, whatabout Dana Delany transferring out of FBI due to wanting to spend more time with her daughter (who as we remember was always being "tucked in by daddy" while Agent Shaw was away from home)? This would be so . . . so . . . 'always' lol.


I still can't get over Roy getting killed...

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


The moment we met my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart. You are the last person I want to see every night before I close my eyes. I love you Katherine Beckett and the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring. I promise to love you, to be your friend and your partner in crime and life till death do us part and for the time of our lives.

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