Who Should Play the New Captain on Castle?

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Like our Round Table panelists, many Castle fans are still processing the shocking events on May's season finale.

But, instead of looking back, ABC is giving viewers a reason to glance ahead: the show will bring on a new police captain this fall, a woman the network describes as "ambitious, good-looking, career-minded" and "more adept at politics than police work."

Shooting at a Funeral

Will she allow Castle the sort of access to cases to which he's grown accustomed? We'll leave that question for another time.

For now, we just wanna know: Who would you cast in this key role? Angelia Bassett? Diane Lane? Submit your suggestions now!

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lisa eldistein


Second that Araminta ! Gina Torres


Kelli Williams


Elizabeth Mitchell


i hope its Diane lane.


Well, for me, only Kimberley Elise fits the bill lol.


they should bring back Adrian Pasdar to play the new captain, he would have great chemistry with Kate Beckett.


Sarah Shahi - she was a tough convincing actress on Life, and a pleasure to watch.


I second Morena Baccarin. That would be awesome!


Gillian Anderson...I've really missed her!!!

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