Who Will Lexie End Up With on Grey's Anatomy?

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She's been part of more than one hot couple over the years, but who will Lexie end up with on Grey's Anatomy? One thing is clear - Chyler Leigh has chemistry with just about anybody, according to many observers, including Shonda Rhimes.

The Grey's Anatomy creator tells Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line that while she really likes Mark and Lexie together, Leigh's connection with others is one reason why she shook up "Mexie" by pointing Lexie and Avery together instead.

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So are Mark and Lexie done for good? Rhimes tells TV Line that while it would be “very simple to have [Mark and Lexie] get together, their problems are large, and there is a big age difference - and Lexie has some growing up to do.”

So you're saying there's a chance?

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Sloan is Lexie's Mcdreamy!!
It isn't love if it doesn't hurt!!


mark and lexis's chemistry???hahaha!!!perhaps u should mention the season and episode no where u could find it....they may be a good couple..but not enough to carry a show...just becoz u guys percieve it so.....all i know is they broke for simplest things(in the show)....mer der or alex n izzie or callie n arizona have stuck with each other for more serious probs than lexie n mark....


Lexie and Mark for sure. I agree that Chyler has also chemistry with Jesse, but I prefer her with Eric. On top of that, Mark & Lexie have such a huge history and I doubt that Jackson will ever be able to make Lexie forget about her feelings for Mark. She loves him, which is why she should end up with him. Of course, he screwed up more than once, but it's not like Lexie's flawless.


Way to go overboard on abbreviations Sabella! It's Lexie and Mark for me too!! So much chemistry! Jackson and Lexie are cute too but not in an "end up together" sorta way. Pairing him with April could be interesting... Initially I really wanted him to hook up with Cristina but that didn't exactly happen...


Who Will Lexie End Up With on Grey's Anatomy? With Mark Afcourse. Mark and lexie have been to a lot, like they had that perfect secret love at the beginning. Oke, mark did hurt lexie but she still loves him.


Lexie and Mark - All the way!! ANNIE is right, Despite their problems, they have great chemistry. They're perfect for each other. Have you noticed that other than Mark, GA writers haven't given a huge amount of thought or even story line to her 'other' relationships...? That's evidence enough that even the GA writers aren't too bothered about her and Avery, otherwise they would have built up the relationship before ending season 7. If Grey's had to end, it would be with Mark and Lexie getting back together. They're like Mer/Der.


Mark and Lexie forever...They're just ment to be to gether, there's nothing to add.


I'm for Jaxie. at first i was with Slexie but then Mark blew his second chance and it's pretty hard to find a second chance like that. i think Jackson and Lexie are so cute!


I've just read Chyler is gonna stay in GA. So this SL will go round and round. Maybe MerDer will return for Lexie's wedding to ****?


Lexie needs to be with Mark so he will get the hell out of the Calzone relationship. Those 2 need time alone and can't get that if Mark is always in the middle.


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