Will SyFy Actually Pick Up The Event?

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It was mocked by critics and ignored by a large majority of TV viewers.

But The Event might actually live on for a second season, as SyFy is reportedly interested in turning this trainwreck of a Lost wannabe into a mini-series.

A Pensive President

On some level, the move would make sense: SyFy is owned by NBC Universal, and dismal ratings on NBC (an average of 7.13 million viewers) would be impressive ratings on the cable channel.

On another level... it's The Event! This was a drama that relied on random shock and mystery over actual character development and logical storytelling. Blair Underwood deserves so much better.

Would you watch an Event mini-series?

UPDATE: Craig Engler of SyFy has Tweeted: "To answer some questions I've been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event."

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I just voted that I would watch The Event mini-series.I was not surprised that almost 73% have said yes.Lets do it SyFy.Get back to the old Sci-Fi shows and keep us interested in the SyFy channel.


actually on second thought i want to see more dinocrocks eating megashsrks


I agree Syfy these days has idiots for programmers and show pure crap. how abot bringing back so shows that people are interested in


great show please syfy pick the event


I loved the show, and I hope syfy picks it up and gives us some kind of closure.


That's because SyPhylis doesn't believe in good programming, anymore. If it's not pseudo-reality tripe, wrestling, or grade C movies, they don't want it.

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