Will Thomas Gibson Return to Criminal Minds?

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Despite the overwhelmingly well-received news that A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster will be back as series regulars next season, Criminal Minds fans may have to reconcile with another major casting shakeup involving one of the show's leads.

With shooting set to begin next month, CBS and Thomas Gibson appear to be at an impasse in negotiations to bring Hotchner back for season seven this fall.

Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid) spoke with E! Online at the Monte Carlo TV Festival this week and weighed in on the situations with Gibson, Brewster and Cook:

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Emily (Brewster), Reid (Gubler) and Hotch (Gibson) on Criminal Minds.

On whether Gibson will be back: "I honestly have no idea, I hope so. I love Thomas, I think Hotch is important to the show, but Hollywood is a strange place."

On who would take over in Hotch's place: "Emily (Brewster), I think, would take over as the chief, or Rossi (Joe Mantegna). We do have a lot of characters."

I don't know what they'd do. It would suck but they'd figure something out."

On the ladies' return: "We lost Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook for no reason at all, on just on a whim, and that is sort of offensive to me because they're my friends."

"They did a good job, and the fans liked them. At the same time I understand we are all grownups and six years ago we signed contracts that said they could fire us."

"So while I don't like it, I think there are bigger things to worry about in life. Japan, for example had a huge [tsunami] and has a nuclear mess on its hands."

On whether this caused on-set tension: "No tension, but it makes it harder because for six years we've functioned as a unit and then suddenly it's different."

"These are my best friends in life, these actors, so losing them changed everything. And so I'm so glad that the band is back together now."

"I hope that Thomas doesn't leave. I think Rachel [Nichols] will leave. Which is sad, she's a nice girl... it was a tough position she came into but like I said it's a strange situation."

"It's Hollywood. But I know that just because she's not on the show doesn't mean I won't talk to her, she's a friend and I know I'll speak with her on the weekends."

"All I know is we're going to try to keep on maintaining. The spirit on set is very jovial. I think because it's such a dark show we have to find things to laugh about."

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Oh Thomas Gibson, please please please come back for season 7, in fact, no more cast changes please, now that A.J. Cook & Paget Brewster are returning it is back to the lovely way it was..why must my favourite show toy with my heart?!


I hope he returns to the show


I know CBS was totally to blame for the sackings of AJ and Paget, but they can't really be blamed for TG not wanting to sign his contract, unless they're being unreasonable with him. Hotch must come back!!


I don't know what the people who are making decisions re Criminal Minds are thinking!!!!!!!!! First, you fire J.J., then Emily. Then you realize that it was a REALLY stupid move. Now they are back and you are going to mess around with Hotch, until he leaves. What are you people thinking??? IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! CM is one of my favorite shows and I have watched every episode at least two times, but since you have been making these rediculous changes, I don't care if I watch or not. Give him what he wants and get back to good entertaiment with the cast that everyone has fallen in love with.


I really don't know what are TG's demands. I'm sure he's earning was less than Charlie Sheen did and that the comparison Jen made isn't really fair.
But on the other hand CBS makes the show for fans, so how would they win if half on the fandom would stop watching CM if TG leaves? If his demands are resonable (and he seems like a resonable guy, especially comparing to Sheen) they should sign a new contract with him. I think that would help the general image of CBS after all that stuff with other cast members.


@Jen ... Seriously..? You're comparing Thomas Gibson to Charlie Sheen? Wow........ TG probably can't give out the details for legal reasons.


Maybe its his wife maybe she want him to be on a show that their kids can watch


No Hotch / No Watch !
No Hotch / No Watch !
No Hotch / No Watch !


Another actor on Criminal Minds acting up equals yet another petition. By the time the show ends each actors would have had a petition done in their name. The whole show become a joke, hey CBS if you don’t give us want we want we will get our fans to start a petition in our names does anyone actually know what Thomas Gibson wants and what the dispute is with CBS.


Poor CBS? Please give me a break. They have all these shows in the top ten every week. Ever heard Most watched network Just on every commercial break. These actors probably make a small amount of what the network brings in.Unless you work over at Two and a Half MEN. I'm not saying other actors aren't well compensated too. Just saying SIGN THE CONTRACT ALREADY THOMAS.

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