Another Gossip Girl Episode Title Revealed

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The fifth season of Gossip Girl kicks off Monday, September 26. We recently told you the first two episode titles of the fall campaign. Now we know the third ... punny as always.

The first three episodes of the coming season will be called:

  1. Yes, Then Zero
  2. Beauty and the Feast
  3. The Jewel of Denial
Gossip Girl Season Finale Poster

After last season's finale, where will Gossip Girl go from here?

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@Aria I'm not interested in reading your less than first-grade level English. Go back to your home country, honey. But my guess is that "The Jewel of Denial" is definitely about Blair's ring and hence, her engagement to the Prince. We all know that the Prince hasn't been signed on as a series regular so he has to go sometime. Blair is going to have doubts about her engagement and eventually call it off.


Every time Gossip Girl calls less my attention
Gossip Girl's last episodes were very boring every episode more boring than other one
And with these titles I think that Gossip Girl every time is going to be boring
I am not interested in seeing Gossip Girl's new season


Confirm the names of the episodes but not confirmed a new love for Chuck. It is very unfair

Saturday night living

And kind of off topic but the Airborne Toxic Event is great. Can't believe GG got them to appear in the season finale.

Saturday night living

Man, Gossip Girl always has the best titles for its episodes! But yeah, I'm guessing Blair/Louis centered and I'm guessing their marriage is not gonna work... sadly, actually.


I would expect that to be a Blair-centric episode. Blair is the Queen of Denial. :P


Woooow! So excited for the start of the next season. Does anyone know when it starts in the UK? What Date? Soon hopefully, keeping busy over the summer hols, because I'm missing my weekly dose of GOSSIP GIRL and the VAMPIRE DIARIES! If anyone know the date, the new seasons start in the Uk please, let me know :)


I am so excited !!

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