Blake Lively to Star in Sex and the City Prequel?

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Is Gossip Girl star Blake Lively in talks to star in a Sex and the City prequel?

The rumor of Blake playing a young Samantha Jones - with Selena Gomez portraying Charlotte York and Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie Bradshaw - has been gaining traction lately. Blake as a, hot, young, oversexed, nightlife-loving New Yorker?

Stranger things have happened, as we know ...

Blake Lively at The Town Premiere

No deals are in place with any of these actresses, or even for the movie itself, but SATC author Candace Bushnell has penned two novels about Carrie's early life - The Carrie Diaries and Summer And The City - so it's easy to see it happening.

Effectively rebooting the enormously successful SATC franchise with a new, younger set of actresses? It's hard to see a studio passing up that chance.

What do you think? Would Blake be a good fit? Would those other stars work well alongside her? Tell us what you think of this movie rumor below ...

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Not a huge Blake fan, but I must say, she would definitely be a good Samantha. I can't think of anyone better anyways. And not to turn this into a Leighton/Blake battle but why is no one saying Leighton for Charlotte??? She would be PERFECT!


For those people thinking that Blake Lively isn't promiscuous enough to play Samantha Jones, something to keep in mind is that this is a PREQUEL. In other words, Samantha may not have been as promiscuous back then. I get that it's a SATC movie and thus raunchiness is pretty much a given, but this movie will likely provide the backstory as to why the characters are the way they are now. With that, Samantha may have actually been tame back in the day and experienced something that changed her dramatically - e.g. being cheated on or broken up with by a serious long-term boyfriend. We just never know. If the writers write Samantha as a good girl gone back, then Blake can DEFINITELY portray her.


please, Blake is so boring. Casting here as sex-crazed Samantha? ZZZZZzzz... Wake me up when they do SEX IN THE CITY, THE GOLDEN GIRLS


Dear God, no! Carrie is neurotic and introspective and fickle - Blake, and all her characters, have an unmistakeable laid-back vibe, casualness... Sarah Jessica Parker in real life actually shares some of the personality quirks of Carrie... Carrie also needs to not be a 'looker' - that has to be Samantha. Carrie needs quirky. Blake is, and does, not. And I'm sorry, but Blake simply isn't that good of an actress ... yet.


I don't think this movies i happening as the second movie already showed how they met and they were still being played by Sarah, Kristin, Cynthia, and Kim rocking 80's clothes. Also Blake is too tall to be Carrie imo as Carrie is quite short compare to the other girls.
Also this movie won't work unless two of them are willing to take their clothes off (something most american actresses aren't down for).
While I can see Blake wriggling out of it as Sarah never did nudity, it be hard for Emma and Elizabeth not to, I would even say Selena would have to pop a boob out too.
I also don't think none of these girls including Blake are good enough to recreate the magic that the 4 original women had.


@Gg=life: Emma Roberts is supposed to play Miranda.


This old new...Didn't they said the movie was not happening?....


The movie will flop unless Blake post more nudes of her self to promote it lmao.


Btw who will play Miranda? Emma Stone is currently the best redhead young actress around... Maybe she could do it!


Blake I can see in a SATC movie but it would be pretty risqué so idk if she would do it. As for Selena Gomez and Elizabeth Olsen, No freakin' way! Especially Selena, isnt she like the face of Disney right now?! It's gonna make little kids want to watch an almost full on pornographic movie!! On a side note why couldn't Blake play Carrie? She's better than the other 2!!

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