Bones Casting "21st Century" Season Seven Villain

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May's season finale game-changer and its ramifications have dominated Bones gossip this offseason, but next year isn't going to be all about babies.

The show is introducing a new villain, TV Guide reports.

"This is someone who is an extremely odd and fearless foe," says executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "Only he's going to be much more of a 21st-century, tech-savvy foe."

Armed and Handsome

Bones premieres Nov. 3 with the first of six episodes in the fall before Emily Deschanel takes her maternity leave. Those episodes will primarily focus on expectant parents Booth and Brennan preparing to raise their child together.

The new killer will also be introduced in that time frame.

"At the end of [Episode 6], we want to leave with a real surprise from a plot point of view," Nathan says. "I'm not necessarily talking about Booth and Brennan... [but this] nefarious character, who we will follow for a little bit this season and perhaps next."

What do you think the angle will be for this new nemesis? "21st-century, tech-savvy foe" sounds Facebook/Twitter/Craigslist Killer material.

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They're having a girl!


I would so love to see James Marsters as the villain. We already know that he plays well opposite David and he does bad well from his turn in Hawaii Five-0. And, we need a HOT bad guy for a change!


I'm happy about this; no more Gormogon and guns that shot people through walls!


I think Alan tudyk should play the Bad guy on bones he plays really great bad guys in the past please tell me they are considering him?

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