Burn Notice Review: Burned Again?

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I guess it’s true that “No Good Deed" goes unpunished, especially if your name is Michael Westen. I wonder if Mikey is having a serious case of déjà vu after finding Max dying and realizing that someone is trying to set him up.

I'll miss Max. It was nice to know he went out being one of the good guys. Too many times we see plots where the seemingly nice guy turns out to be a bastard, behind the plot to destroy the main character. Rest in peace, Max. Michael will get the killer.

And, hey, at least the title Burn Notice still fits.

The Big Show on Burn Notice

The last 10 minutes made it clear  that the fallout from Max’s death is going to result in Michael being out in the cold to some degree. The question now: how much?

Does it bug anyone else that Jesse (and his resources at his new job) seems to be the “convenient fix” for their cases? Again, Jesse was able to pull some strings and find out information about the bad guys. I miss burned Jesse. He might have been less useful, but he had more personality.

Speaking of bad guys: If Eve is not the nastiest evil woman Michael has faced off against, she has to be in the top three. She was ruthless, intelligent, and hot! A dangerous and lethal combination, as Michael found after she drugged him and then tried to suffocate him with a bag on his face. Seriously, what kind of crazy-psycho bitch tries to suffocate a man over shooting them? At least Fiona isn’t that hands-on. She seems normal when stacked next to Eve.

I know she won’t be our recurring bad guy this season. But I really hope Michael gets to match wits with her again.

Raise your hand if you knew that Barry had a brother. Are any up? Paul and Barry were great together. I'll have to watch the episode again to make sure I caught all the great banter. Their humor was a nice balance to the manic intensity that was Eve. Besides, it was kind of cool to see Fiona give Barry some props at the end of the episode.

Last week we debated if Michael was addicted or obsessed with finding out more about those who burned him. This week, he admitted it. Good for you Michael, only 11 steps more to go! Do they have a “Spies Anonymous?"

The only disappointment I had in this episode was the guest appearance by The Big Show. Given how much he was hyped I was kind of expecting... more. Although his brief appearance was punctuated with a beanbag shotgun round to “the boys” so my hat is off to his bravery. However, that disappointment is mild as the rest of the episode cranked the awesomeness to 11!

Lastly, I would have to turn in my man card if I didn’t mention how cool it was to see Fiona screaming around the corner in the Charger. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve spotting Santa and his sleigh flying through the night sky. I’m not sure much can top a hot chick in a badass car squealing the tires.


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Loved the episode, gave it five stars. Liked Eve too, but I have been a sucker for evil women since I read about Lucrecia Borgia in the third grade. Been trying to find out the actress's name for the last couple of hours--I really need to sharpen my internet search skills, if it is not Krista Allen I am stumped, and I'm still not sure.


God, I hated Eve so much!! She thinks she's the smartest person on the planet. I just wish Michael could have shown her how much more intelligent he was a little more in the end. You know, a little revenge would have been nice...


OK this is getting a little too easy folks. Let me start at the end so that you can follow me here. RAINES was part of management. Raines recruited Michael to the CIA and the reason Mike was chosen by management to be the spy to be used after being burned is because Raines recommended him. How did Kessler know the CIA was coming and and the secure CIA frequency that was in use that he jammed? Because Raines tipped him off. Why was Mike framed for Max's death? Raines reburned Mike because those loose ends Mike was pulling on were going to reveal that Raines is a member of management that was not on the NOC list.


"Seriously, what kind of crazy-psycho bitch tries to suffocate a man over shooting them?" She wasn't trying to suffocate him, she was trying to extract information. Like waterboarding, without the safeguards. And of course, like any good villain, in the end she started gloating and talking him to death instead of just shooting him. Which gave the team the time they needed to take her out. "Last week we debated if Michael was addicted or obsessed with finding out more about those who burned him. This week, he admitted it. Good for you Michael, only 11 steps..." EXCEPT: obsessed, addicted, paranoid or not, he was right. Whoever framed him for spilling secrets has now framed him for murder.


Is it me, or does something seem like it is off with this season. So far this season, I am underwhelmed. I too, miss the old Jesse. Even Michael's mom seems likes she had been lobotomized. What is going on? Did they hire new writers? They had better fix this mess soon, or they will lose a very loyal fan. Ijs


That is John Ross Bowie as Paul. He is also seen on Big Bang Theory as Barry Kripke.


Who is the actor that played Barry's brother Paul in this episode???


aylwin soon-- i cannot stand it either :P besides that it was a GREAT episode !
especially the last 15 minutes!!!
every time I thought it would end it suprised me positively !!!
that is exactly what I love about burn notice--- I NEVER takes the easy way out!


Poor Max! Eve was great. I hope we see her again. I'm guessing Michael will stay burned until the series finale. A spin-off with a re-instated Michael would be cool.


So... anyone else thinking that Jesse is the person who framed Michael. I could buy that he forgave Michael for a bit to find the people who burned them but is now going after Michael directly because he was the person who actually burned him.

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You make it look to easy, Michael.


Michael: I get the feeling that you didn't call me in for a high-five
Max: You know no good deed goes unpunished.