Community Season 3 Spoilers: Rivals, Fathers and Plumbing!

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Thank you, Dan Harmon.

In a new, wide-ranging interview with TV Guide, the Community creator gave me ample material with which I can grill cast members tomorrow at the show's Comic-Con press room.

Saying he wants to ground the series a bit more in reality, while also connecting storylines from one episode to the next, Harmon went into detail about his plans for various characters. To wit:

In the Cafeteria

Britta will choose a major.

Abed will face the challenge of... being Abed. Says Harmon: "I want to see what the price of that disconnection is sometimes in stories that challenge him more."

Back with her husband,
Shirley will evolve: "She's going to need to move forward, and like Britta, decide what it is that she wants to do with her life."

Pierce will try to atone with Jeff - and Harmon wants this to be the season we meet Jeff's father.

"Annie is going to have a rival that will bring the worst out in her and cause her to have to do with battle with some of her profound weaknesses."

As for Troy? Harmon describes the character's "heroic journey," ahead, "because he's sort of the chosen figure who has this gift. He's going to be torn between two worlds that Greendale's campus is affected by profoundly."

Wow. That's a lot to digest. Got follow-up questions for the cast? I'll ask whatever I can tomorrow morning during our round table discussion!


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Zahid Umer

Gaby ee

This show is so funny. I don't get to watch it as often as I would like but these news definitely excite me :)


Looks good!

Matt richenthal

Will do, Dan!


I heard Harmon and McHale both like Bill Murray for Jeff's father. If nobody else does, please ask about that. Would be AWESOME!

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I need Purell for my brain.