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Unlike last week's action-packed thriller, "Around the Sun" was a bit on the lighter side, but just as entertaining as ever. In case you are like Jai and didn't know this about Annie Walker, she was a space geek!

Annie seems to have a wide variety of hobbies, but her love of space exploration made this week's NASA-based mission that much more interesting for her. What made it more difficult was that she no longer had her right hand, Auggie Anderson.

Annie and Auggie Photo

Yes, that's right, Auggie took the overt job with the OCA. We learned early on that he accepted the position without consulting Annie. The question then becomes: what was that phone call about at the end of last week? Just a misdirect? Or was there something lost between scripts?

We'll get back to Auggie later because we need to talk about what other effects his absences had on Annie. Not only did she not have her best friend helping her out, but his replacement was not the easiest to work with.

Reva was a nice addition. Almost running Annie over in the parking lot, stealing her spot in line for coffee, and then taking Auggie's place on the team gave us quite the impression in her first 30 minutes on the scene. Reva seemed like she was going to be difficult to work with, which would have been much more interesting, but after Joan reamed her out, she became much nicer and more effective.

But now that Auggie is back in the fold, it seems like she is heading back to whatever research lab she came from. I was hoping she could have stuck around so that she could attempt to foil more of Annie's work. Our protagonist has it too easy as of late. We need some more inner-conflict for this girl.

Who knows? Maybe they will find a way to keep Reva around. She could be just interesting enough to demand a permanent spot on the series.

So, back to Auggie. He was antsy from the beginning in his new position, but bombing his first assignment for Arthur did not help things. Sure, Annie's pep talk gave him the confidence he needed to bang out that make up assignment, but it wasn't enough to keep him away from covert affairs.

It was a nice little trip away from the usual for Auggie, but I would have preferred him to take more than one episode to make his way back into the fold. There is no need to bring things back to the status quo so quickly. Keeping things at that point can make a show too comfortable. It was a nice, brief change up; I just wish it had been a three episode move.

Like I noted at the top, "Around the Sun" was much less an action adventure, and much more a character study, thanks to the great work of Mark Moses. The benefit of having great actors guest star, of course, is that they are great actors. The negative is that they are usually known for being great actors and they stick out like a sore thumb amongst extras.

As soon as I saw Moses' face during those NASA interviews, I knew he was the one they were looking for. It takes a bit of the surprise out of the equation, but it was worth it for how good Moses was at playing this space nut and wonderful father.

Watching the story unfold, which led to the aforementioned fatherly love, prompted Annie to show some love of her own. The episode ended with an extremely warm moment, as Annie skipped out of the bar to babysit her nieces. It is moments such as these that give Annie Walker so much charm. Yes, she is bad ass, but she is also very sweet.

It was a slower paced hour, but I still really enjoyed "Around the Sun." What did you think? Are you happy to see Auggie back with his team?


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Reva will be in a few more episodes. That's good.


@ Jeff K: Am I missing something or is the DPD just on the third floor(with Auggies turned down new job on the seventh). It`s not like the public gets to follow Auggie around inside the building. Even if his identity was released he could still be working with Annie sometimes while fulfilling his public duties. All he would have to do was get off on the third floor instead of the seventh. I have to agree that the whole storyline was poorly thought out.


agree about mercer. my guy friends were hoping he'd be developed kinda tough like gaskin(episode 3) and would beef annie up. but ben's off the map and they're watching another show. darn. they were my resource persons for understanding this stuff last year. it is too soft for them and the la-la music really irks them. these are jason bourne fans.


I thought Auggie could still work a desk job (but not field work) in DPD after working in OCA but maybe not.


I really enjoyed this show. Would have like to see Auggie out there a little longer. Need to make life a little more disagreeable for Annie. Love the tension with the Danielle Storyline. Need to have more of Ben Mercer to confuse Annie even more. Annie and Ben together even if disagreeing are the core of the show!!!!


I liked Reva. Regarding Auggie's promotion, one episode does not make an arc. I'd have kept Reva around for at least 3 episodes with Auggie in his new position. There's still problems with the writing/plot but this was the best episode yet this season. Annie shouldn't always be the one to not give up on a case though.


I was reading one writer about the episode completely different from this writers point of view from seeing the episode yesterday my mom and I thought the position was not for him at all. You can tell he was not happy from Arthur's constructive critizism and it wasn't for him so it was better he came back to where he belong! and I love the chemistry Piper and Chris had in the beginning of the episode it is definitely realize that they meant a lot to each other and she deem missed him being there for her when she needs him on a personal/professional level. A good dynamic and great fantastic chemistry between the two. I love Reva Kline I felt her appearance was cut short! I started to like her and now she was going back to her department that she worked. I felt seeing the end of the episode all of them having beer I'm thinking that Reva might be a good addition to the show! A different dyanamic make it like Burn notice with Michael Weston and his team! Still at the end of the episode I was very Happy to see Auggie back with Annie anyway! They need each other! I was happy Reva is going to be in the next episode!


the first three episodes were a wonderful continuation of last season and piper was the annie i loved. but these last two episodes were so boring and annie listless that i've lost my guy friends to another action show. thank god my heroine liza hearn is coming back. seriously,the way she took down arthur (sleaze;hope he goes to jail with henry)....i want to be her! but honestly,the energy seems gone & my enthusiasm is waning for a show last year kept me & my friends enthralled


It was an enjoyable enough episode. My only complaint was that Auggie should have taken the job. Now I know that this show is completely afraid to shake things up. I know it should have been obvious with it being a USA show but I really hoped that it would take a risk. Also, Arthur and Joan not knowing why their lawyer was taking a vacation to play tennis, like they wouldn't have the resources to find out who he's playing with or demand more answers out of him.


I enjoyed the episode - it was fun to watch and it had some nice features. For one, it teased us with some future possibilities: Annie is confronted with a mission moment in Daniel's presence, how does that play out? Lots of opportunities, and issues, there (but it has to happen so Daniele and the kids aren't free of long term danger - Annie living with her sister is a good thing). This week they had Annie struggling to keep her sister in the dark when she discovers they are being watched, which was clearly the right thing to do, but what if there is no opportunity, like the enemy operative and Annie encounter each other in a mall, or waiting for a taxie, and Annie has to take him/her down in Daniel's presence? Sooner or later Annie has to show up at home with visible bruises, abrasions, and contusions from a fight. No human being can go thorugh so many fights scratch free, nobody. Speaking of fights, the fight with the female operative was very well done. It felt realistic, the sound when Annie slammed the enemy operative into the pipes said that really had to hurt, and it did, the fight was over and Annie won. It was a fight scene of realistic length. What wasn't realistic was Annie did it with out a scratch - probably not gonna happen in real life. So how do agents deal with injuries in the line of duty so they don't compromise their cover? Annie needs to know this, and do it. Another possibility is that Annie and Daniele are "mugged" in a parking lot, not mission or job related (or Daniele is going to get seriously paranoid and totally freak out), just a pair of gangbangers looking for drug money. Annie takes them out with a burst of unbridled violence like Chuck Norris (I love it when she kicks butt), Daniele is blown away by her little sister's display of combat martial arts skills, Annie struggles with how to cover it, the agency has to keep it out of the paper, Daniele has to be convinced it's OK it isn't in the paper and to never ever tell anybody - meeting with Arthur (don't want to put Joan's cover at risk and Arthur is already "blown"). That could be a really fun episode. I'd love to see Daniele get more time on screen. She is an awesome actress, with the character's military brat background, which is also an area to explore to some extent, Daniele could be a confident - she is the person closest to Annie in the world, way closer than Auggie, who is a best friend, but not a beloved sibling, the difference is profound. Finally, I saw some promotional pictures from coming episodes - Agent Resabi, with whom Annie had great chemistry (Pilot and the Art Auction episode), is going to show up again. So is Jai's dad. I'd love it if they could work Annie and Agent Resabi into the unmasking of Wilcox as the leak. They won't end up going public with it, it would blow Jai's cover, but Jai's dad would be completely discredited within the inner circle - it could be done so that Jai battles with conflict but with Annie's help acts in a way he emerges unscathed, or so that he has to work his way back from the fringe into the confidence of the "team" - Auggie is likely to be a huge skeptic. I think this was a good episode to watch, and fun because it stimulates thinking about future possibilities. I'm not for Annie hooking up with Auggie any time soon, like for several seasons, if ever. They are close friends, but also very professional - I worked with fellow professional females, for several years, we liked each other as co-workers, no romance anyplace, but we accomplished much more together than we ever could have working seperately. It happens, a lot in business, way more often than TV and movies would have you think. It works well for Annie and Auggie. And the story is more varied and interesting if Annie is free to persue her options .

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