Criminal Minds Burning Question: How Will Prentiss Return?

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Paget Brewster's return to Criminal Minds has been confirmed.

How her character reemerges and how her fellow BAU members react remain unclear ... and complicated. Considering how she left, it will be tough to explain.

Much of the team does not handle finding out that Prentiss is still alive and well, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, "especially Dr. Reid, who feels betrayed."

Prentiss in Danger

With Brewster's contract status up in the air, her departure from the procedural in the March 16 episode titled "Hanley Waters" was left open-ended for a reason.

Learning that she faked her own death won't be easy to swallow for Reid, though, and it should be interesting to watch their relationship unfold in the fall.

As for A.J. Cook's J.J., not only is she back in DC, but she's getting a promotion!

Season Seven of Criminal Minds begins September 21. Sound off on it here!

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i think that Emily and Clyde should walk in then Doyle walks in behind them and shoots Clyde and attacks Emily.


How Will Emily Prentiss Return? "The way I want to see Emily return is that J.J. and Hotch tells the team and shows them a video of what Doyle did to Emily and her former teammates at Interpol. They are shocked then Prentiss walks in the BAU Confrence Room of the doorway and stops and grabs her stomach in pain. Then theirs Agents and people shouting and Automatic Machine Guns firing and Ian Doyle comes into the Confrence room with his gun and starts shooting at the others but starts strangling Emily and then pulls out his knife and starts stabbing Emily repetally. The other agents shoots him dead. Athough he has already murderd Jeremy Wolff, Sean McAllister, The Forger, Tsia Mosley almost killed Emily Prentiss but did he kill Clyde Easter.


So excited Emily is coming back! She was my favourite in the whole show and I was devastated when she left, JJ too. So I'm so happy my girls are back.
And I definitely agree that Emily should get a love interest this year. I think I read somewhere that she might, BUT IT SHOULD NOT BE HOTCH! Not all fans want them together, I'd hate it if they got together, the mere idea of them makes me sick. I love Emily, and I love Hotch, just not together. So please Criminal Minds, DO NOT PUT HOTCH AND EMILY TOGETHER!


Darsi she could still have strauss job and Strauss could become the big boss


Anastasia, I don't think JJ will have Strauss's job because in an onlince chat with a reputable site, she said that JJ would be more of a !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! profiler. I'm excited though!


I honestly think that Morgan and Reid will Ultimitly understand why Prentiss had to fake her death. I mean yeah of course they will be pretty upset , but i don't think that will last very long. Prentiss did this to not only protect herself, but her team (or family as she puts it). And over the course of the season I think Prentiss should have a love life. In alll seasons past, she never had a relationship, it would just flashback to her previous relationship with other. I am looking forward to the next season, and looking forward to the return of Prentiss and JJ!! (:


What's the deal with Strauss on Criminal Minds? Will she be back? — Heather
ADAM: Yes, and in a big way, according to executive producer Erica Messer. "Strauss is always a bit of a mystery," she says. "Next season I'd like to show that she's actually human. She has issues like the rest of us. The team will see a new side of her." The premiere picks up several months after the finale, with the team once again trying to prove its worth to the FBI brass, who wants to split it apart for budgetary reasons. "All of those threats that were made in the finale -that there might be changes and people might move on- have come true to some degree," executive producer Erica Messer says. "You'll learn who's been where and who's been doing what." Keep your eyes on Morgan in particular, as it's his summer investigations that will yield the discovery that Prentiss is still alive. Mark Moses (Paul Young from Desperate Housewives) will be the new antagonist. He'll play a senator who is having a previous case investigated due o the BAU team making a mistake. When the show reruns, it will be four months since the season finale and the team will be under scrutiny because of the screw up with the case. The episode will do flashbacks of the case. They will also bring back Emily who will be revealed to have faked her death. This revelation won't sit well with some of the team, especially Reid, who is said to feel betrayed.


I fully agree with the comment Anastasia! Hotch must recover your life and have a romance, if it is with Prenttis will be supported by all fans.


OMG!! JJ is going to be their boss!! they said she getting a promotion, i think she is getting Strauss's job. finally there will be sb who will treat the team fairly and with respect. still it will be weird that she is Hotch's boss.
I also agree that Reid and Morgan will be difficult with this. Esp Morgan according to his reaction when he found out that she lied to them about Doyle. But the only way i see for prentiss to come back is for Doyle to get caught or die, otherwise she will be a target and she will make the team a target again and she would never do it. to be honest i am more worried about Reid and his migraines, they sort of let it hang in the air and i am worried about him. Also i think it is time to give Reid a love interest!!!! (Btw, Hotch too should get some romance going, he is a healthy, handsome, smart man. he needs to have a sex life if not love life!)

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