Does Chuck Get Beat Up on Gossip Girl?

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This photo of Ed Westwick with a huge bruise on his side either indicates a pretty nasty injury for Ed in real life, or trouble for Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl (as well as some impressive work by the CW show's makeup department).

The actor might be showing off a real injury, but given that he’s in wardrobe, on the GG set and showing it off for all to see, the bruise may well belong to Chuck.

That would be our guess, at least until further info becomes available. If it is, how do you think Chuck gets banged up? Share your comments and theories with us ...


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Come on, no way are any of the main going to die. Don't forget that these are the same guys that produced The OC. I think we know how well that went when Marissa died. (although the reason for that is debatable) Blair and Chuck are inseparable! Let's all hope Louis is just another phase - which we all know won't end up being the perfect fairy tale ending.


why do people keep saying they want chuck to die? I want chair so badly i hope they kill Louie's character i mean he's nice but i want chair so badly and im pretty sure that louie and blairs wedding is going to be called off and its probably going to be cuz of chuck


I am voting he gets hurt in the running of the bulls.


I hope it was Dan or Louis fighting Chuck over Blair. Then Blair will see that Chuck Bass is the only one for her! Its so obvious -- they have been friends and had feelings for each other for years, Louis has only been around for the start of season 4! BLAIR AND CHUCK! BLAIR AND CHUCK! BLAIR AND CHUCK!

Saturday night living

And they're probably not gonna have the character killed. Way too many viewers like Chair, it would be like if the Twilight dudes killed off the vamp, the wolf and the pale lesbian.
They'd lose ratings.

Saturday night living

Hm, I don't like him.


@manbangs&littlej i like chuck bass and know there is definitely a lot of fans who would hate to see him killed off :( seriously hasn't chuck suffered enough already ?! i mean he's already been shot aswell as being screwed up emotionally !!! chuck needs a little happiness ... whats with all the chuck haters out there ?! the guy has had to lose his father, mother, nearly lost his hotel and in the process lost the love of his life !!! unless the injury leads to a chair reunion than the writers really need to learn to give chuck bass a break !!! xoxo


Are they blind?! That looks a whole lot worse than a bruise!

I 3 nate archibald

Why couldn't they just kill him off instead of giving him a bruise? No one likes him anyways

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