Ed Westwick Muses on Future of Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

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In a recent sit-down with CNN, Ed Westwick talked about the future of Gossip Girl, which kicks off its fifth season this fall, and how things might play out for the CW hit.

Ed also shared his thoughts for how he'd like to see the show - and his character's journey - conclude. The 24-year-old had some interesting ideas for his alter ego.

Check out CNN's interview with the charming British actor here:

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Easy with the alcohol Ed!


@blairwipesserena hahah thanks! you're also the first person i know to want nate with jenny, i think they're cute together but all my friends think he belongs with serena ;xx


@brulionbebeb OMG I THINK I'VE FOUND MY SOULMATE!That is EXACTLY how I would want it to end. Just, I'm so overwhelmed with happiness that somebody out there has the right idea


I saw the entire interview, it was the whole program. At the beginning they started talking about the show and put images of Blake, Leighton and Chace in the show and in red carpets. It's clear that the interview was taped during his visit to the Philippines. Somewhere I read that he said that he originally auditioned for the role of Nate? But I didn't saw that in the interview. I myself wouldn't have Chuck loose all his money or the Dynasty type of ending. They also mentioned and put clips of Chalet girl, they mentioned his upcoming role as Tybault in Romeo and Juliet and he mentioned his role as an FBI agent in the new Clint Eastwood movie about J. Edgar Hoover (starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Armmie Hammer of The Social Network who played Gabriel in GG also stars there). They even mentioned his early roles, I myself didn't know he worked in "Breaking and Entering" with Jude Law (don't know if they actually had scenes together, though). The interview is going to air again on CNN International on Saturday 12:00 p.m. ET in the USA.


I liked his idea!!!! But I think Chair should end where they started!!! Having sex in the limo!!!!!


His pitch is surprisingly feasible. I think there would be a nice symmetry to that ending. And, of course, it would provide interesting Chair relationship fodder - something different and off the beaten path. Hey, it's better than anything the writers have managed to drum up for a couple of seasons anyway. I also loved his intense "yes" when the interviewer suggested Blair about to become "Blair Bass." :-)


Bass baby... that's right! Almost forgot about that pesky pregnancy test from the finale!


God,he's so cute! There should be a wedding people!


"everybody's in the church...' and what does she say after that?! my ideal ending - chair already married, derena getting married, nate dating jenny from season 2


I'm still hoping it will be Blair Humphrey.

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