Elizabeth Hurley to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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Elizabeth Hurley is coming to Gossip Girl this fall.

The actress, who co-starred in NBC’s ill-fated Wonder Woman pilot, is joining the upcoming fifth season for a multi-episode story arc, according to TV Line.

Co-executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran say Hurley will play a character named Diana Payne, “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul."

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“Elizabeth Hurley’s sense of humor, intelligence and beauty fit the Gossip Girl world perfectly,” the duo added. “We feel very fortunate to have her.”

And get this:

Diana is described as "an all-around force to be reckoned with" whose entrance on the UES will "change the lives of all our characters - including, and especially, Gossip Girl herself."

An actual Gossip Girl storyline on Gossip Girl? What do you think that tease means? Sound off on what you make of Hurley's upcoming role below ...

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@unknown it can't be penleopy as in undergraduate she was there when gossip girl sent her first blast of the school year at hamleton house when Blair got her key and not Serena but idk if she had her phone out at the time but, it did show someone tapping them live so it could be her, and when Blair was out drinking with the girls there was a video there too and she was there too , so it could be her. who knows guess we just need to wait and see this season :)


@unknown I read somewhere ages ago but the article was like made been season one even finished and it said thatthe writers agreed that Eric is gossip girl, idk just google up who's gossip girl and look at the sites on the first page it should be the first 5 sites or something :) and btw what red dress? I dont remember anything about a red dress but in the book k read somewhere that gossipgirl will be seatin on a red rug and it was chuck seating on it , so in the book I think it's chuck, but in the show idk if it isn't Dan, It could be Eric but I don't think he would do that to his own sister or to himself, :)


@Marco Its not Dan, he was an insider once hi started dating Serena, but Gossip Girl was there like 4 years before the show started. At The Good-bye Gossip Girl they say it all started whit a red dress at a party, and at the time Dan was not even at St Judes he was not even on the Upper East Side, Its a good theory but its not him. I am sure that Gossip Girl has not even shown at the show and maybe she well be at the 5th season because at the plot. And as well chuck said at the Good-bye Gossip Girl it haves to be someone that its not there when the blast are send or at least don't have a phone at the time. My first tin-ck will be Penelope, she is the only guest from season 1 to season 5, she kind of hates Blair and Serena on some way and she is an insider sense ever... and if its not Penelope at least it haves to be a minion it could be so cool if Gossip Girl its a guy. and lets remember that it culd not be someone from the Van Der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey because of the Serena connection, non knew where Serena was when she was at boarding school and about the Eric psycho hospital, even though it well have some sense if Gossip Girl its Eric.


I think I know who gossip girl is , kinda worked it out like 2 weeks after I watched the finale of season 4. I think it's Dan. I know you guys are thinking wtf Dan really? Well I worked it out already. 1-Dan was at the train station when Serena first came back
2- The first gossipgirl blast was about Serena and Dan has always liked Serena before she even left for knightly
3- Everything he wrote was about Serena
4- He happens to know everything onces he darted dating Serena
5-Blair even said in season 2 that this lable was the only real one as, he is an insider- got te lead role in the school play, dated Serena, be friended Nate, and he acts like his not like them but he is to the bone
6-Vanssesa even said that she thought t was Serena who got him into the upper east sideness but he was
Always wanted to be part of it and even maybe more then Jenny did.
7-Blair even said that his on the path of being Serena's stalker and well I guess really they mean all they're stalker There was more clues I found but I can't remember them as it was last month I made the connection.


OMG sooo excited for this season. BTW idc if there's no chair moments the shows more than just chuck and blair even thought i love those two (NJBC forever). More Nate storyline thanks he might be the only one now who still hasn't figured out his life. Like Blair has i think, Chuck might have, Serena is on her way of making it, Dan idk his lost, Vanessa she's gone, Jenny idc she's a mess and i don't like her and now we just need Nate's. I hope this isn't the last season but the next season as the last one, really. They still need to graduate College. btw would they make the Carlyle triplets? and is it just me or does this season have a lot of guest stars?


Definitively I know this season will be the last.


probably gossip girl's mom :D


Wtf is this? Why are they bringing in so many guest stars? Nobody gives a fuck about them! I’m so fucking tired of this show now. I really hope that she won’t hook up with Chuck, Chuck and Blair should get back together asap!!! And i bet that there won’t be any Chair scenes at all for like 7 episodes.... I’ll start watching the show when it will be Blairs wedding day, because then there will be Chair scenes and it’s not like she will go through with the wedding... I mean come on.. And she and Chuck will get back together. It just sucks that I’ll have to wait until november to see Chair scenes... And they better not give Chuck any love intrests at all this season... If they do that then i’m seriously not watching the show anymore! I hate SS and JS !!!


I love this! She's a brilliant actress for this series and will hopefully bring some great drama and sexiness ;) And Dr.CerrenoMD is right, it's about time the writer dealt with Gossip Girl herself. Last time was the beginning of season 4, and before that the end of season 2...


Chuck Bass is the better thing that exists in Gossip Girl so I hope that in this season the history is in favour of Chuck

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