Elizabeth Hurley to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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Elizabeth Hurley is coming to Gossip Girl this fall.

The actress, who co-starred in NBC’s ill-fated Wonder Woman pilot, is joining the upcoming fifth season for a multi-episode story arc, according to TV Line.

Co-executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran say Hurley will play a character named Diana Payne, “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul."

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“Elizabeth Hurley’s sense of humor, intelligence and beauty fit the Gossip Girl world perfectly,” the duo added. “We feel very fortunate to have her.”

And get this:

Diana is described as "an all-around force to be reckoned with" whose entrance on the UES will "change the lives of all our characters - including, and especially, Gossip Girl herself."

An actual Gossip Girl storyline on Gossip Girl? What do you think that tease means? Sound off on what you make of Hurley's upcoming role below ...

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I think this is great news! I'm actually looking to the fifth season now.

Jade loves dair

Another guest star. Woohoo!


I'm pretty sure she's gonna be involved with Chuck!! xD What can we do? We'll still love him! ;)


I love her! Awesome news and the only bright spark on the horizon for the 'CW's Hit Show'
I am also glad they are finally addressing Gossip Girl. They just stopped the whole who is gossip girl which started at the end of season 3. A major pot hole if you ask me.


If she causes trouble for the real GG, her storyline might be interesting, otherwise I'm already bored!

Jose t

i for one cant wait to see her! if she is a media mogul she might either work with serena or blair because lets face it one is an it girl and the other is about to marry a prince, or like uncle jackass said she could be dan's new boss now that he has a BIG book coming out!


I hope it's not a false rumor. She's so cool and gorge!


As long as she doesn't end up in bed with Dan, Nate or Chuck, i'm all for her killing character...

Uncle jackass

I wonder what plot for the 'Bedazzled' star will play on gossip girl... Will she be Dan's new boss given that it's assumed that Dan's 'inside' book was a success? Will she be Blair's prospective boss given her aspirations. Will she be targeting Blair given her wedding vows to a prospective Prince? All that can be said is that I can't wait for the next season (and hope this isn't a rumor).

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