Falling Skies Review: "Grace"

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Falling Skies slowed things down a bit this week.

Not every episode can feature a major battle between the survivors and the aliens, for both production reasons and storyline reasons. The show wouldn't last half a season if that were the case.

But Falling Skies has done a strong enough job building up characters that "Grace" felt like more than filler.

An Alien Discovery

I was fully invested in the fate of Mike's son, in Hal's guilt and in the way Anne argued with Dr. Harris. And while the motorcycle excursion felt like a waste at first, it revealed an enemy far more dangerous than the Skitters and the Mechs:


Tom may have been steadfast in his order that we're "not shooting kids," and the team may have found a way to escape. But what if they face this situation again? What if it's kill or be killed? It might not be so easy for Tom to bark out such an order.

The character of Lourdes, meanwhile, seems contrived at this point. All she does is pray and all anyone talks to her about is faith? But she did lead a nice scene to close out the hour.

In order to be invested in the show, we need to be invested in these characters. Therefore, it's important to take time and focus on their journey, struggle and bond, as we saw when they sat around and ate dinner. Not many other programs of this nature would have been content to conclude an episode in such a quiet manner.

Questions raised on "Grace" include:

  • Is there any hope for harnessed kids?
  • What does the connection between Skitters and airwaves mean?
  • Will Harris ever stop being a jerk?


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Saad khan

Funny thing is Harness kids are becoming the Rosie Larson of The Killing "A Mystery can never be solved" plus Tom Mason always says "We Will get them next time - We will get Ben Next Time- we Will get Karen Next time" how many next time more he wants. Lame!!!

Saad khan

I feel like its coping The Walking Dead in every situation... But the performances by almost everyone is wooden and predictable... it's kind of boring..


I'm still watching. Lourdes is just a caricature so far. Loved the Canadian crack by Pope (played by Canadian Cunningham).


I think finding out that the skitters are healing the children and that the children who are harnessed are not afraid says a lot to their purpose. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but I don't think they will be bad guys in the end. I've always rooted for the down and out folks, and these aliens seem down and out, but with more technology. So they defeated us with technology. I don't know, but I sense different things ahead. Maybe in season two they will start working together a la District 9. I was totally on the aliens side in that movie and I have a feeling I will be on their side in the end of Falling Skies as well.

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