Five Pretty Little Liars Clips: What Does A Want?!?

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How long has Ian been dead for? What did Ezra's friends call him in college? Who keeps calling Spencer's house? Why is Hanna's mom so upset? Can't Caleb just get some ice?!?

All these questions are answered in the Pretty Little Liars clips below, courtesy of Tuesday's new episode, "The Devil You Know."

But there's one inquiry, posed in the final video, that Emily asks and to which we're still awaiting a response: What does A want? Get an early look at multiple scenes from the July 12 installment now:

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this show is getting more and more exciting, but I am also so annoyed that I never get ANY answer, just keeps getting more questions.


In reality, forensics would be able to tell that the body had been dead and just how he died. If his neck was snapped when he fell, an autopsy would be able to show that. However, this is TV and it may not work that way.


Ok, so if the police could tell he had been dead at least a week, I wonder if they will determine he hung in the bell tower. Does anyone know how many weeks have passed since the bell tower night and this last episode? It can't be much time, I don't think, but I can never tell for sure


I was just thinking that the police could tell if he actually died from the bell tower fall or from suicide based on the forensics of the body (i.e decaying).

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