Friday Night Lights Review: "The March"

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As amazing as it is to have Tim Riggins back, this isn't the Riggins that we know and love.

Of course, after spending time in prison for his brother's crime, we can't expect him to be the same. In "The March," we see just how much it's changed him.

It must be difficult for Tim to come home and see Billy leading the life he wants, having a family, and being part of a team. The scene with the Lions on the lawn doing the war chant, was probably the only time he cracked a smile, yet it was bittersweet.

Free, Troubled Riggins

It's also hard to see Billy let Becky spiral down the path of working at The Landing Strip when he begged him to watch over her. It's an odd love between Becky and Tim as she sees him romantically and he sees her as a little sister.

The bottom line is that he cares, something that was very much evident from the throwdown between the Riggins brothers in the parking lot.

There were a lot of confrontations in tonight's episode. The other standout was between Vince and Ornette, who has fallen off the wagon with his drinking, possession of drugs, assaulting Regina, and suspiciously making purchases he can't afford.

It's sad to see a family reconnecting only to be torn apart by the actions of a selfish man.

The upside is that it makes the relationship between Vince and his mother even stronger. Michael B. Jordan is truly the star of Friday Night Lights' final season and one of the strongest actors I've seen to date.

Now that our Lions made it all the way to State, we find out that the district of Dillon has to make major budget cuts and will be eliminating one of the football programs next season.

Will it be the underdogs who are about to take State? Or the the Panthers who have held the reigning power of Dillon for years?

With only one episode left until the finale, tensions are high as everything can change in the blink in the eye. It also looks like Coach will have to deal with the fact that his wife's dreams go beyond being a high school guidance counselor and she's gotten the opportunity of a lifetime.


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Sounds good I'll wait to for this and I'll try to watch this as soon as well. great blog about friday night lights.
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I've often heard the commentary that Eric and Tami represent "the best marriage on tv"....this episode proved it once more. From the totally realistic bickering in the car on the way to the airport to Eric's search for Tami in the crowd at the true to REAL life. So, they probably won't get any awards, but those of us who have loved FNL know they're winners.


I do hope this show gets a lot more awards recognition come awards season


FNL is by far one of the BEST written shows I have had the privilege of watching and I am truly sad to see it end. I could have definitely watched it for another couple years but having already seen the finale I can say it ends beautifully. Its great to see all the characters coming into their own.
This show should win multiple awards it sure deserves it!!


Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV. We're all so sad its almost the end.

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