Gossip Girl Casts Bevy of Minor Characters

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A couple of key guest roles - Louis' meddling sister and a very attractive Catholic priest who may or may not have a fling with a bridesmaid - have already been cast in anticipation of Gossip Girl's fifth season, which kicks off September 26.

Now, the network has sent out casting notices for minor players in the first two episodes of the season. You can see what the show is looking for below. How funny is it that they're asking for decent-looking, nice-looking, good-looking and "hot"?

Sexy Gossip Girl Cast
  • Male (30's-40's; any ethnicity) - Dr. Crane. A handsome, fatherly, and warm doctor.
  • Male (40's; any ethnicity) - Dr. Gold. A good-looking concierge doctor.
  • Female (30's; any ethnicity) - Seamstress. An attractive seamstress for the royal family. Must have convincing French accent, BIG plus if fluent.
  • Male (late 20's-30's; any ethnicity) - Intimidating/Scary guy. A decent-looking guy from the street.
  • Female (20's; any ethnicity) - Hot girl. A playful, sexy young woman.
  • Female (30's; any ethnicity) - Real estate agent. A good-looking real estate agent.
  • Male (30's-40's; any ethnicity) - Super. A nice-looking superintendent of an apartment building.

Any thoughts on how these characters will fit into the storylines?

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I hope Chuck and Blair meet again
Dan and Blair are so boring. The scenes of Dan and Blair are sleeping boredom
And Louis has nothing to do with Blair
Blair him belongs to Chuck


I know at first sight reading these casting call makes the casting directors and the show in general seem shallow and that they are setting a bad example, but let's get real here, people: if GG had featured conventional looking people or even ugly people from the beginning or if it started doing it now you wouldn't watch the show, at least 90% or so of you wouldn't watch it. My only opinion about shipping right now is that I don't see anything wrong with wanting an endgame, I know some fans don't like the concept but I don't see anything wrong with it or with expressing your support to a given endgame, after all many famous show had have endgames (Ross and Rachel in Friends, Eric and Donna in That's 70 show, Doug and Carol in E.R., Luka and Abby in E.R., Fran and Maxwell in The Nanny, Seth and Summer in The O.C., etc.)


I like Prince Louis, hes sooooo nice and sweet.


Lol at ''Female (20's; any ethnicity) - Hot girl. A playful, sexy young woman.'' Probably will play as Nate's cough*sex*cough friend throughout the season.


wow...... gg is pretty superficial! lol


I still have faith in Dair

Uncle jackass

@GossipGleek {CB & FR FTW!} Don't mind the ChairBots... they rub their magic Jeanie jars wishing for endgames...


i love how all of these comments are from chair shippers. they saw the casting for a doctor and flipped haha. BABY BASS IS COMING BITCHES =D


blair and chuck NEED to be together


blair, stop marrying louis…chuch is the one for you…come to think of it!!!

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