Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Scoop: Five Days Later ...

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The summer hiatus seems like an eternity for fans, but the characters of Grey's Anatomy will pick up much sooner, according to shot-caller Shonda Rhimes.

When Grey’s Anatomy opens its eighth season September 22, only five days will have passed since the Season 7 finale and MerDer’s emotional falling out.

“We only pick up five days after the finale ended,” Rhimes tells TV Line, adding that, “[Story-wise] we pick up pretty much where we left off [in Season 7].”

Still the Best

That means Derek and Meredith are far from resolving this major marital crisis, which has been complicated tenfold by baby Zola's introduction into their lives.

“Meredith and Derek have a lot of things to work out,” Rhimes says.

Things are complicated on every level because, “They have a personal relationship, they have a parenting relationship, and they have a work relationship.”

Elsewhere, Cristina has yet to act on her decision re: pregnancy.

“Five days later and she still hasn’t gone and done it - why hasn’t she and what’s going on with her?” Rhimes muses, then adds this intriguing teaser.

“The old Cristina would’ve had the abortion [already].”

Does that mean she'll back off and actually have the baby, to Owen's delight? Or will she follow through with the controversial decision before our eyes?

Either way, we'll find out soon: “By the end of the season premiere she has made her decision,” Rhimes says, “and it’s pretty set in stone what’s going to happen.”

What do you think she'll do? Will Derek and Meredith reconcile? Sound off on these Grey's Anatomy Season 8 spoilers and all other topics below ...

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I know GA just a TV show, still can't get it why need curse Cristina to miscarriage?? so evil!!!
so we can't blame Shonda make Mer miscarriage, because some fans like it??
I support whatever cristina will keep the baby or not


I just can't picture Christina having a kid


Well at least this time Cristina is thinking over her options about whether to keep this baby. Which is more important her marriage or her wish not to be a mom? I don't think she could have both the way S8 ended. But with 8.02 being the 150th GA episode, even if she decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, something dramatic will happen. I would be quite happy to see Cris without a baby, cos she's said that repeatedly throughout GA.


People always refer to the "real" Cristina. After 7 seasons it's clear -- the "real" Cristina is always surprising, never predictable and always ready for a challenge. She was thoughtful before her first decision to have an abortion and heartbroken after she lost the baby, even though it was with, at that point, an ex-sex partner. Now that she has something that is part of her and the love of her life, I, for one, hope we get the "real" Cristina -someone who is thoughtful and not silly or selfish or one-note but still awesome. And I hope for the joy and humor and the fulfillment of the badass couple we first saw the minute Owen stepped out of the ambulance followed by Cristina's "hot!"


@sarah think i'll have to agree with your comment now, cristina may decide to keep the baby for the sake of owen loving her, then she could have a miscarriage or another ectopic pregnancy and lose the other tube hence then leaving her unable to bear children ever again. She will then have to have a hysterectomy and what a twist this would be early menopause lol.
Burke will never return can people please get over it, and George is DEAD!
Oh while i'm having a rant, can people please stop whinging about the musical, i have watched it numerous times now and actually like it more each time, least they can sing.


also i liked dr hunt with calli better than arizojna


ok burke isnt comming back becuase they fired him becuase he was making mean and hurtful commets to george of set becuase george in real life is gay


i think that the minute christina decides to have the baby she will miscarrie or something,i think she really does want the baby just thinks she will be a bad mother.then she will blame owen for making her want the baby. or mabe burk could come back?


Better than last years' 2 months...


I'm glad there's only a 5 day jump -- like someone before me has said, I want to see how the cliffhangers from Season 7 resolve in "real time" rather than as flashbacks. Owen and Cristina are the only couple I'm really emotionally invested in -- their sparks from Season 5 are what turned me into a loyal viewer! So of course, that means I want to see them stay together as a couple. I empathize with Cristina's life choice to not be a mother. I'll be very interested to see how this plays out in the first half of Season 8 -- I'm reassured to see Shonda's comments that she doesn't think a woman should HAVE to have a kid if she really doesn't want one! I also have seen a lot of comments regarding the Cristina/Owen split that make me suspect a LOT of readers have missed the point regarding that conflict. Owen wasn't saying to Cristina that she HAD to bear his child in order for them to remain a couple. No -- the REAL point with Owen is that they've got to be an equal partnership in their marriage, and that Cristina can't just take him for granted. Their relationship has to be a two-way street, and that she's got to respect him and value his wants and needs. That's NOT the same as saying that she has to obey his wishes. But she's got to at least engage him in her decision-making process, instead of just saying "I've decided. Live with it." Cristina's argument that you can't compromise regarding having a child the way you can "pizza or Thai?" is very spot-on -- if she truly doesn't want kids, they shouldn't have one! I believe the Owen we've seen all season loves her enough to agree to that. But what Cristina did was simply leapfrog over any meaningful discussion of the matter entirely. He's right to have kicked her butt out of the house for that! I just hope Cristina grows to see it as the wake-up call it is... ah, September can't come any faster, I'm waiting to see what the next step is in this drama!

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