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The summer hiatus seems like an eternity for fans, but the characters of Grey's Anatomy will pick up much sooner, according to shot-caller Shonda Rhimes.

When Grey’s Anatomy opens its eighth season September 22, only five days will have passed since the Season 7 finale and MerDer’s emotional falling out.

“We only pick up five days after the finale ended,” Rhimes tells TV Line, adding that, “[Story-wise] we pick up pretty much where we left off [in Season 7].”

Still the Best

That means Derek and Meredith are far from resolving this major marital crisis, which has been complicated tenfold by baby Zola's introduction into their lives.

“Meredith and Derek have a lot of things to work out,” Rhimes says.

Things are complicated on every level because, “They have a personal relationship, they have a parenting relationship, and they have a work relationship.”

Elsewhere, Cristina has yet to act on her decision re: pregnancy.

“Five days later and she still hasn’t gone and done it - why hasn’t she and what’s going on with her?” Rhimes muses, then adds this intriguing teaser.

“The old Cristina would’ve had the abortion [already].”

Does that mean she'll back off and actually have the baby, to Owen's delight? Or will she follow through with the controversial decision before our eyes?

Either way, we'll find out soon: “By the end of the season premiere she has made her decision,” Rhimes says, “and it’s pretty set in stone what’s going to happen.”

What do you think she'll do? Will Derek and Meredith reconcile? Sound off on these Grey's Anatomy Season 8 spoilers and all other topics below ...

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@MeredithMcDreamy- I couldn't agree more about the stuff you said about MerDer. But on the other hand, I think Christina should really consider other options about the pregnancy. I agree she's not ready to be a mommy , but she doesn't need to jump into an abortion right away.


I'm happy it will be five days later because I'd like to see these story lines resolved as opposed to learning about it in a quick flash back or in past tense conversations. I hope Meredith begins to get the hang of parenting by the time Derek returns to his senses and I hope Meredith points out the similarity of Derek walking out on her the way Thatcher walked out on her. There's no way a girl with abandonment issues wouldn't be haunted by that especially now that she has a small baby to look after -- it's eerily similar though the circumstances are quite different. I think Meredith crossed a line with the trial but I think Derek's response is pretty high and mighty for someone who cheated on his wife (in response to her cheating) and planning on making a relationship with someone when he never told her the truth. Some morals there buddy. I hope he's off his high horse by the end of episode one cuz I can't take it. Very interested to see what's going on with Alex. I really hope Cristina goes through with her plan -- I don't think Owen's done much to change who she is at all. She's a surgeon first and everything else is second place to that...even Owen and this baby. I'd hate to see a fake Cristina for 24 episodes. Looking forward to 9/22nd.


I understand the Derek is upset with Meredith, but he is not going to solve anything sulking in the unfinished house, as stated he is working in the house, it have been over three years about time it got finished. It's a shame he has missed time with Zola as he was very involved with her, temporary custody is just that temporary, and if they know that the couple who received the custody are no longer together them the baby will be taken away. I hope not I think they will make a great little family. Looking forward to Derek's family coming to visit, Caroline, Tyne Daly is great. I hope Meredith and Derek reunite sooner than later.
Cristina is a kick ass surgeon and has always said that she did not want children, will Owen change her mind, don't know she was willing to "give" him away to keep Teddy.
If Ellen and Patrick's contracts end after this season, what about Sandra, Justin, James and Chandra they all started the series together are ther contracts not up for renewal as well? I hope they all stay the show would not be the same without them. I personally think that Meredith and Derek are the core couple and while all the other characters are important they are the couple we have all watched, no matter who is your favourite couple at the moment.


OMG!! cant wait!!!


I hope Mer/Der reunite soon. On the note of Yang I really would like her to have the abortion because that is who she is. It would be way out of character not to mention we have had enough baby drama. :/ I am glad that it is only 5 days after the last eppi though >:D


Derek probably still doesnt know zola is with Meredith.5 days & he still hasn't picken up his he trying to make everybody assume that he was abducted? Poor mer taking care of Zola without help. Maybe 1 of her roomates helped a little. & isnt it when u get temporary custody of a child they only stay with a few days a week? Because I don't know what temporary custody means

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