Idina Menzel: Headed Back to Glee!

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We know who is leaving Glee after next season. But now we have major scoop on someone who will be returning:

Deadline Hollywood reports that Idina Menzel is nearing a deal that would bring her back to the show as Rachel's mom - for up to 12 episodes!

Idina Menzel on Glee

Menzel originated the role of Shelby Corcoran on season one. No word yet on just how or why she'll return, but it's safe to assume Shelby will play a significant role in Rachel's post-high school plans.

"I'm really excited the that Idina is joining the family again," said Ryan Murphy. "We missed her last year and we're happy that she is coming back."

We agree! This gives us hope that season three really will focus on character development, as various Glee spoilers have teased.

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If Shelby returns, but Beth doesn't its clear that the storyline was one of the stupidest ones on Glee. But I'm happy for Idina to come back. I adore her.


@ Erin
Totally agree! I really hope this will make Puck remember that he told Quinn he loved her and that they had a freaking baby together!

Kimberly ann myers

Your forgetting the most important part: Beth will be returning with her!


Bravo, well put @werewolfsfan! Agree completely.


am I the only one who groaned in annoyance about a huge Schuester storyline. No, you are one of the hoards of fans of Glee who wishes that Schuester/Morrison would be replaced or at least his character straightened out and his screentime minimized. But we need to face facts. Ryan feels that they made a mistake this year in not giving Schuester a big arc like in Season 1 and that resulted in no emmy nomination for one of Glee's starring players. Matt Morrison has a 5 year contract as one of the principle stars of this TV show. The show was/is conceptualized by RIB and they see (and sold the network) on a show whose "lynch pins" are Shue and Sue. The "kids" who compose New Directions are vitally important part of the show in that they are where the music sales come from but RIB believe that they will rotate much like pop stars. Truthfully, I don't think they understand their audience that well. I think Glee will tank if they go for a fourth season not only because the majority of the fans are only interested in the current members of New Directions but also, other networks are planning musically driven shows as well. I don't think, Shue, Sue or even the winner of The Glee Project will be enough to make the majority of current fans of the show stay with it after the majority of the beloved current cast "graduates" at the end of the third season.


Finally! I've been waiting for Beth for a year!


I can get why someone would be worried about RIB putting more focus on the adults in the show, but I think that this spoiler is more about the fact that she'll be there then her having some huge storyline. I think she'll be more like an acessory to a Rachel and/or Puck and Quinn story. Although, and this is a bit random, am I the only one who groaned in annoyance about a huge Schuester storyline. That man wears on my patience. He favors Finn, almost always ignores the fact that his students are constantly bullied, allows his personal life to affect how he runs his glee club, and constantly pushes that he is the best teacher ever. I would much rather learn about Mike or Tina or Mercedes. (Or Kurt and Blaine, but I assume Ryan is already all over that. He's pretty invested in those two....)


So excited for this! I love Idina Menzel and can't wait to see her back on Glee. :)


So.. does this mean we get to see Beth? Because if it does.. WOOOOOOO! I'm sensing Quick in Glee's future :D


Good, Rachel's story needed to be tied up properly (Shelby wanted to be reunited with her daughter so badly but then when she was she vanished almost immediately) not to mention Quinn/Puck acknowledging they have given away their child (I really hope they don't try to get her back, that'd be so cruel). I think this'll be my last season watching the show so I want the story to end well and it couldn't have done without addressing Rachel's relationship with her mother, particularly as they have so much in common.

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