In Plain Sight Review: The Adoption Option

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Even though "The Rolling Stones" gave us a bickering brotherly duo in WITSEC, it felt more serious than most episodes of In Plain Sight.

Perhaps it was due to Mary's pregnancy or, more to the point, how she'll handle the end result. Mary seemed determined to put her baby up for adoption. That is certainly an admirable and responsible choice - but far from an easy one.

Agents on the Job

Brandi and Jinx crashing Mary's ultrasound was such a Shannon family moment. They didn't think twice about entering her home and snooping, nevermind showing up at her doctor's appointment. They looked absolutely crestfallen when Mary broke the adoption news to them.

I felt the entire episode was missing the normal snark factor.  In fact, it only garnered a three on a sarcasm scale of 1 to 10. Mary just seemed very introspective and a little subdued, although she still managed to deliver my favorite line of the night.
Mary: Mom, are we seriously going to have this warm and fuzzy catch up in front of all these other weeble wobbles? | permalink

It's a favorite if only because I remember what it was like to be pregnant and "weeble wobble" was an accurate description.  Add on a pair of heals and things got tricky.

I must admit that Brandi and Jinx recovered much better than I expected, giving Mary their full support no matter what her decision. Brandi's offer to have her and Peter adopt the baby was predictable, but I'll be shocked if Mary actually does it. It simply seems too awkward.

Once more, I wished for more Marshall moments in this episode. I liked that he was a bit protective of Mary without going overboard. 

I honestly expected more from their bet but I did love Marshall describing his bout of food poisoning: "For two days I sweated through sweat pants, which is harder than it sounds."

So, do you think Mary will stick to her guns and find her baby an adoptive family? Will she give the baby to her sister and Peter? Or will the baby daddy show up to throw a monkey wrench into all of Mary's plans? I'm excited to find out.


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Maybe they could do an off-stage crossover with WHITE COLLAR and have Diana and Christie adopt the baby.


I wonder though if Brandi and Jinx didn't just have a strike of inspiration and realize that arguing with Mary is the worst way to get her to do what you want. They aren't the most cunning women on the planet but maybe they're planning to change Mary's mind subtly. Maybe they are working some reverse psychology.


I'm basically 100% sure that Mark (The baby daddy) will show back up. I'm betting he's been invited to Brandi's wedding. Maybe before she knew that Mary was pregnant or maybe not. He seemed like too sweet of a guy to really fight her on the adoption thing though. At least not to the point of refusing to do it and taking the baby. I'm sure he will try to change her mind though, maybe try to get back together with her. As for the adoption thing I'm kind of at a loss. On the one hand it is a legitimate option, especially for someone who professes no desire to be a mother and has a demanding and dangerous job. That being said, it doesn't seem like something Mary would actually do. Maybe she would think about it but eventually I would think that she's going to realize that she doesn't trust anyone enough to give them her baby. She is a pretty pessimistic person and in general doesn't have much faith in humanity. She tends to assume the worst in people and that kind of pessimism just doesn't really jive well with the extreme amount of trust required to give someone your baby.Not to mention she's always been very protective of her family and, despite what she says, she does fulfill the caretaker role very well. Until this episode I really wasn't taking the idea of adoption very seriously but when she said the line, "Single mothers are superheroes. I just don't want to be one." It really made me wonder. It seems pretty insightful and thought through and not just a sort of flip Mary answer. And honestly, I wouldn't mind watching a well done adoption plot line. I guess I can think of just about as many reasons why she would want to do it as I can for why she wouldn't so I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. As long as they make some good TV I'm willing to accept it either way.


I absolutely loved the dog...looked like my pitbull...what is the breed? Love the show and don't miss it!


Love how they wrote her pregnancy into the script. She is a hoot.


How much you want to bet Brandy will contact the baby daddy? And we'll end up with Mary keeping baby rather than release him/her to baby daddy. I still don't understand why Mary hasn't changed the locks on her house and installed an alarm if she really doesn't like Mom & Brandy just invading her space.


I'm disappointed that the series took this turn. With Mary being pregnant I think the show loses something. I will still watch to see if she gives the baby up. Maybe then it will return to the old format that seem to work so well.


I love this show! Mary is being a little selfish right now. Maybe the hormones are raging! I love Mary bing a strong woman, but maybe she needs to think about the dad before she does something stupid.

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Mom, are we seriously going to have this warm and fuzzy catch up in front of all these other weeble wobbles?


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