Jorja Fox Promoted (Again) to Series Regular on CSI

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Jorja Fox is all the way back.

The actress has been promoted to series regular once again on CSI, confirms Michael Ausiello, a couple years after she returned to the CBS drama.

Sara at Work

The actress starred on CSI for seven seasons before cutting down her episode load significantly on season right. She returned a season late, but was merely considered a guest star until now.

CSI returns on September 21... with Ted Danson at the helm!


That's great news,

Uncle jackass

Honestly, the biggest issue of whether cast members or former cast members can be made tenured regular cast is the budget of the show. It's not always got to do with ratings....

Doe rae me

I think it is stubd that Sara was brought back at all. Sara and Grisson broke up when Jorja originally left, then when William Peterson it was written that Grissom was going to be with Sara, then the next year Jorja comes back, but it is revealed that Sara and Grissom are married..yet Grissom is absent and Sara is back. It's stubid.


She's another reason why I stopped watching. First reason was Grissom leaving. Second reason was her returning...


she better stay till the show ends

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Dr. Robbins: A racist gets stabbed before he can drown. Some would call that justice.
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