Justin Deeley and Megalyn Echikunwoke Cast on 90210

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90210 has cast two new players, and both will play significant roles in the life of Naomi.

First: Justin Deeley will come on board as Austin, the son of a country music superstar who has looks, money... but not the kind of attitude that typically accompanies either.

Next: while Naomi is swooning over Austin, she'll be fighting with Megalyn Echikunwoke's Holly. Pretty much the opposite of Deely's character, Holly is rich and snooty and is the head of the top sorority at CU.

Naomi in a Bikini

It will be a busy season, as always, for Naomi.

This will be Deely first extended role of any kind, while Echikunwoke has appeared in CSI: Miami and Raising the Bar.

Earlier this week, the series cast Kristina Apgar as a love interest for Liam.

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I love this show and while the whole Naomi/Max was good last season, he blew it at the pregnancy scare. Plus he was getting boring. I mean come on, Naomi is so much more fun than that!! And this Justin Deeley's character, Austin? WOW. He's arrogant, sexy, and not your typical run of the mill rich boy. I love it!!! I'm looking forward to this storyline playing out!


The only reason I still watch 90210 is because of this extremely hot new edition called Justin Deeley.... he's gorgeous


Hey this Austin character is my cousin, he has worked so hard to get were he is. Good luck Justin, you so deserve this! Love ya!
I am so excited for you, this is just the beginning. Christie


OMGSHH! I'm so freagin pissed! I loved Naomi & Max and so did many others, I can't believe the writers or whoever could be so one track minded & throw Naomi back into a typical type of relationship with a normal guy. Nax was the most original/unique couple they'd come up with!


Scrap my previous post....I got confused with the names. Drew Deeley was supposed to play another new character, Jeremy. Sorry about that hehehe.


According to Zap2It, the actor who is set to play Jeremy is actually Drew Steeley (singing voice of Zac Efron in High School Musical) and not Justin Deeley. Anyway, the role is being recast and Deeley/Steeley is going to be replaced with Matt Cohen.


wow they took off teddy and the only interesting storyline off the show, and now they've split up niaomi and her only interesting love interest
justin deeley is handsome but cmon he looks like a typical beverly hills hunk i feel like the writers/producers have killed any potential in this show and i have a feeling it will get all go downhill from her
i feel let down by the teddy storyline; it had so much potential and it was nice to see the resident hunk man whore character struggling with his sexuality all the characters are one-dimensional now


GG=life, you somehow think the hot pics of Justin in his underwear are objectionable? Honey, you need new glasses. This guy just went to the head of the class.


so 'they' are breaking up rite? *sad* Why am I wasting my time watching this show.. -_-


how sad is it that when u google image Justin Deeley all his pics r him in underwear... he seems like your typical beverly hills character so nothing NEW there And WTF i liked Max!! =( i hate these new producers! they ruin EVERYTHING! they better have some seriously good storylines or Ima shank them! lol "Ima shank" (Damn i think i have adhd or something...)

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.