Kristina Apgar Cast as Love Interest on 90210

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It looks like Liam is finally coming to his senses and moving on from Annie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Kristina Apgar will recur on season four as Jane, a 21-year-old widow from Alaska. Network insiders describe her as a quiet beauty torn apart by guilt. They even compare her to Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Topless Liam

Jane is one of several new characters who will play key roles on season four of 90210. The show returns on September 13.

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Annie and liam


All I know is.. I want them back as a couple!! I mean,now,the show its all about Naomi and is bored!! I really like them and I think is the best couple they did in the show!! Now is ep 9 or something and they aren't together yet!! I hate it,it was the serious and mature couple!! Please!! Hear us!! We want them back together!! Please!! They are the reason why we watch the show!! I'm from Mexico and I always watch the show hoping they finally will get back together!! Please Annie/Liam again!!


I LOVE ANNIE AND LIAM TOGETHER! What are these show producers doing!? They are honestly like 95% of the reason I watch this show. And Lannie fans have been waiting like 2 whole seasons now for them to be together. What the heck? I agree with what everyone is saying.. why can't they just let them be together for a while? I mean they have had to deal with Naomi, Jasper, Annie's hit and run, that crazy stalker girl Liam was kinda with, Charlie, Liam leaving, etc. Can't they just be together and make all us fans happy FOR ONCE?


Liam and Annie are the best couple on the show and I agree with most of you that yes they will date other people for a while but then in mid season they will get jealous or something and get back together but I hate how many obstacles with other people hey have to deal with!! Jasper then Charlie! Naomi and Emily and now gabe and Jane!! like come on can't they just have Liam come for Annie and stay like that GOSH!!!


I love lannie even if dey have to slipt up let them get back together the couple are good together. At least let there one couple on the show that dint slipt up. You no like scott and hailey in 1tree hill. Even if they have to slipt up they should always end up together


Please dont split up annie and liam dey are d best couple in d show, ve been folling dis up bcos of them


I'm scared to pieces for Lannie because as they are referred to as the new Brenda & Dylan, Brenda and Dylan didn't end up together, but if Max isnt going to be in season 4, perhaps they should try the original 90210 Kelly/Dylan/Brenda triangle with Annie/Liam & Naomi. Least I actually liked Liam & Naomi. I may hate this Jane girl as much as I hated Kelly WITH Dylan!


eeck , I want Lannie , can they be happy for a while ? There is no other couple that got as much nonesense : Jasper,Naomi,Emily,Charlie and now Gabe and Jane , seriously???? I'm sick of it!


i dont want them to split.. i love them together.. but if they do split i hope they will get jealous at each other cause their dating other people and face the fact they love each other and get back together at the mid season of the show.. cause their my favorite couple.


Pleast don't insult Ingrid Bergman


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]