Leighton Meester and Mother Trade Allegations, Lawsuits

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Safe to say aren't a lot of XOXOs exchanged between Leighton and Connie Meester.

The Gossip Girl star and her mom are engaged in a war of words and lawsuits. Leighton sued her mom last week, claiming Connie uses the $7,500 a month Leighton sends to pay for her brother's medical bills on plastic surgery and Botox for herself.

Pretty terrible if true, but her mom insists it isn't.

The Lovely Leighton Meester

A new countersuit, Connie alleges that the 24-year-old threw her to the ground in December and accuses Leighton of "repeatedly hitting her with a bottle."

According to Connie, who Leighton fired as her manager earlier this year, the star was in such in a blinding rage, little brother Lex had to restrain her.

Connie Meester concedes that Leighton sends her $7,500 a month, but not, as Leighton says, out of the goodness of the Gossip Girl actress' heart.

The elder Meester claims this is all part of a settlement for the money she helped make for her daughter, and she may use it however she desires.

Leighton insists she sends that amount every month to pay for her brother's serious medical issues, and that her mom pilfers the cash for herself.

For what it's worth, Connie's credibility is highly suspect, considering her past prison term and more recent death threat against Leighton's friend.

Needless to say, we stand by Leighton 100 percent and hope this is resolved quickly and amicably for everyone's sake, before it gets even uglier.

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I am one hundred percent on Leighton's side, I don't think she'd ever do any of that.
My best guess is her mother got angry at the lawsuit and decided to throw her daughter down, and that alone is pretty terrible..
Even worse if she has been using Leighton's money for botox instead of using it to pay for her child's health - disgusts me to think about it.
Hopefuly everything will turn out okay for Leighton, and her mother definetly as no credibility.
And, if it happens to be the case that she is mad at Leighton for firing her, saying her daughter hit her repeatedly in the head with a bottle I mean, that's just DESPICABLE.


Wow! She must be going through hell in her private life. What kind of a mother does that? Poor Leight!


i think the mother is dangerous, and shouldnt be allowed to take care of her son, if she uses his medical money for plastic surgery and stuff , that is just sick.. he should be put into leighton's care maybe..


aww poor Leighton... I feel bad for her. I really hope she's in the right and it's proven this way.


"For what it's worth, Connie's credibility is highly suspect, considering her past prison term and more recent death threat against Leighton's friend." That's what I was thinking - this woman is barely credible.

Uncle jackass

Ahh, the failings of a parent.

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