Leverage Review: "The Hot Potato Job"

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After last week’s emotionally charged flashback episode, we returned to what the team does best on "The Hot Potato Job:" running a con to save the innocent.

With the episode featuring a “super tuber,” I had expected the hour to be full of spud humor. Instead, we got a well planned and executed mission that could have had the team going after a diamond, gold, or cash.

Leverage Duo

Who wants to start a pool on how long it will take Nate to realize he has truly fallen for Sophie? While he may say he doesn’t want a relationship, it was pretty obvious that he likes being “friends with extras” (as Sophie put it). 

For the Eliot fans out there, did you think Sophie did a good job of mimicking his behavior, voice, and mannerisms? I loved it! From the use of “sir” and “ma’am” to lowering her voice and being a bit gruffer, I giggled every time. 

I also adored Parker helping Hardison learn to pick-pocket. Given how Sophie has taught her to con, and Hardison learned the hard way that Eliot has been teaching Sophie how to be a hitter; it was nice to see Hardison expanding his skills outside the tech arena. 

Of course, that didn’t stop Hardison from taking on an apprentice in the form of Trevor, the young boy who Nate pegged right away as a trouble-maker. While I doubt we will see Trevor again, I have to wonder if Hardison and Nate didn’t just put someone on the path that will lead back to doing what they do. 

I am very curious about the final scene where we learned that Janet West was CEO of Verd Agra now. Clearly, we are going to see her again, but in what aspect? Did the team leave a trail? Is she going to come after them? Will she go after Emily’s super spud again?


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It is truth that they will be the Girls' Night Out Job?And they will be Tara?


i did not like the nate sophie thing. why cant it be like parker and hardison? if this is how there going to make parker and hardison and its going to be all about the relationship's then i am done. my favoret part was when eliot beet the crap out of the securty guys.


It was great to see the big "reveal" at the end of the episode where we find out how the team pulled off its latest job. The UK series, Hustle did this exceptionally well. In that aspect this was the best episode of the season.


@LEVERAGE1001 I think Anastasia has it right. When the team is on a mission Eliot is consciously seeking out (and expecting to find) potential adversaries whereas the "bad guys" aren't actively seeking threats. @JIM When I first heard Sophie's disguised voice I knew it sounded familiar. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then when Eliot mentioned it it became obvious. I thought she did a great job. One of the highlights of the episode.


Who were the women actresses? The woman from VerdAgra and the farm girl?


i think it's because Eliot is more free style, he was not trained to any common standard, he is a bit of everything and a lot of street fighting so he looks like sb who looks after himself but doesn't fit in any expected pattern that they are trained to notice.
plus he has an advantage, he knows he is walking into hostile terf, so he hides his tension well. he is expecting that he will be appraised thus acting accordingly.


I think my favorite line came from Sophie when she said that her accountant could take on the security guys. That was great. I do have one question, how is it Elliot can size-up the security people, but none of them can size up Elliot? When he walks into a room he knows whether someone is former military, secret service, foreign intelligence, etc., but he always manages to go unnoticed. It just seems a bit strange, especially since it is obvious he is in good condition.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Hardison: Say something now.
Eliot: One good lift in 3 years... awesome

Parker: So we have to fool the security system to get the banana
Nate: Potato.
Parker: Whatever.