Lilly Roberson Cast on The Vampire Diaries

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Lilly Roberson has landed a role on The Vampire Diaries.

This is all we can confirm at the moment, but all signs point to the young actress coming on board as Becky.

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A new character on season three, Becky has known Stefan for decades. We'll flashback to Chicago in the 1920s to learn more about their relationship, and then watch as Becky shows up in Mystic Falls, looking for her former love.

Roberson is a native of Atlanta and once appeared on Without a Trace.

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Lilly Roberson as Sophie is super hot. Hope to see her drive Caroline mad!


I personally can't wait for becky. I used to love stefan and elena but I feel with the whole damon love triangle, stefans kind of like a trampled puppy. I want elena to be jealous instead of the other way around...


She's really pretty, but looks a little bit too nice for a bad vamp...

David and sabrina 2014

Seeing this girl on vampire diaries is ok from being pretty. If she was being all loving eyed on Stefan in the 1920s, that means that this girl could be trouble for Elena. If she is evil on this show and plans to get rid of Elena to get Stefan back, then she will be a problem on this show cause I would also want her out of the picture as well as Klaus and Katherine(including any other evil vampires).She's all right as an actress but could be trouble for the show. I'm excited for the season 3 arrival that I'm dying to find out what happens and can't wait much longer. =) XD =P


looking forward to her appearing on the show, i read that she was cast as tylers date to elenas 18th birthday party which is gonna be very interesting to watch to see if caroline gets jealous. Really looking forward to season 3 but i wish they would release some trailers/clips :(

Gaby ee

She looks beautiful. If she is really playing Stefan's old love interest I hope she is kinda evil.


Lilly Roberson isn't playing Becky. She's playing Sofie, (Tylers love interest). Becky hasn't been cast yet.


She is very pretty and looking forward to seeing her on the show. I think that Damon and Tyler should get together or Damon and a hot male vampire.


Damon and Bonnie ae DONT together in the Books!!!They love eachother,yes,but Damon loves Elena MUCH more!And i would like it to see Stefan finds another girl to have boring Dates with^^ I HATE Stelena-scenes!It was NOT Epic,it was Boring-they say that they Love eachother,from the first Secound!I cant belive that,thats to fast,sorry!Thats stupid!!And the Love between Damon and Elena,awwwww thats EPIC!!They cute together,the love is growing slowly and its much more REAL,come on people!!Cant you SEE that?In every Scene?The looks between them?Why is Elena so blind?She dont want to see whats going on!Cant understand her,why is she so in love with that ugly boring Steffi-guy?Sorry,i dont like him,and i hate him because he cant let her go.Steffi-go evil and find another stupid girl,please!If you not,so i wish Damon a girl who loves HIM and not anybody else!Poor Damon!I love him...^^


Who is Lilly Roberson? She looks like a natural! I can't wait to see her on the show. She is BE-U-T-FUL. Her looks are perfect for the show. I can't wait to whatch the show and see her every week...

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