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Production on Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy begins tomorrow, and new developments are taking shape left and right. The latest casting news? That the medical drama will be bringing on a new intern, and not one of those know-it-all, can-do types.

According to TV Line, the rookie (a male) seems over his head immediately.

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Meanwhile, Alex will be in a heap of new trouble when Grey's Anatomy returns in the fall. Not just with Meredith, either. Alex Karev is very much persona non grata after snitching on Meredith for her unethical decision to mess with the Alzheimer's trial.

Who else do you think might be ostracizing Dr. Karev a little - or a lot?

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I thought it was fun too atohlugh you really did have to suspend your disbelief. I think this episode might have fit better if it happened earlier in the show as we know too much about these characters back stories and you really had to put aside stuff you know, like Owen, he definitely wouldn't have been around long enough to have 3 kids. And Callie, she was all Ms. Yesterday's Mascara back in the day, when did she get to be Emily Post? And Alex, how did he go from being a foster kid to being Mr. Happy on the outside? And man am I ever glad that Ellis Grey is dead too, Meredith is way healthier dark and twisty than when she is April 2.0. Still all that aside, it was a cute episode, one thing that rang true, Derek would have been McDreary without Meredith. Grey's does take a lot of risks doing these kind of stand alone eps and this was WAY better than that musical episode and it was fun, even if it didn't move the plot along at all.


I am mad at Alex! but definitly Meredith, Christina, Owen seemed pretty mad at Alex in the definitly him..Maybe Derek(but i think that's only if he forgives Meredith first) Lexie will probably be mad at him, since now she likes her sister, and given Lexies and Alexs past i would assume thats not the only reason why lexie would be mad.. proably the cheif casue he sees Mer as a daughter and would do anything to protect her. But thats just my guess..


Totally agree with everything you say smiley, was gonna write that too but kept it short and sweet.
Also hope that the dreamhouse is finished finally and they move in, but think maybe lexi stays at Mer's house.


I'm wondering if Derek may hold a grudge against Alex. Mark has never liked Alex. Cristina may since she is Meredith's BFF and soul mate.


I hope that this season we get to see MerDer living in the dream house and that Mer sells her house.


Everyone is definately gonna be pissed at Karev especially Mer and Cristina.
Maybe the only one talking to him will be Arizona.


Just please don't make him be an orginal. We have no more room. It's overly crowded (and annoying because of that) already. My only hop eis PD AND EP stay past s.8


First of all I have to say that I am SOOOOOOO excited for GA to come back!!! I think that everyone is going to be mad at Karev in the first few epsodes, espetially the attendings. But he will end up doing something that wins everyone back!!! :D

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