Penn Badgley Pushes For Return of Dair on Gossip Girl

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A good number of Gossip Girl fans became captivated by Dan and Blair this spring, only to be let down when the budding relationship was quickly swept under the rug.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Dair Moment

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

Blair is engaged to someone else, after all. But for all the talk of Louis being the perfect fit on paper, or of Chuck and Blair being the show's couple of destiny, she and Dan sure had an interesting connection, didn't they?

What do you think? More Dair in Season 5? Discuss.

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Dan and Blair or Dair if you will are pretty much the only reason i'm even going to watch the 5th season if there isn't any indication that they are going to have some sort of relationship whether it be romantic or otherwise I probably won't continue watching.


Dan and Blair are the best thing that ever happened to Gossip Girl


Dan and Blair, the perfect couple.


I want to chuck blair and blair to be together with Dan are not matched


I want to see more DAIR. That is the main reason I am still watching the show. DAIR is refreshing. It was the best part of season 4. I hope to see it again in season 5. DAIR will really make me be glued to the TV and looking forward to every Monday night. Maggie


@Majiee Like.


Dan and Blair always remind me of the book "One Day" (Emma and Dexter). NOT the entire content. I repeat, NOT the entire thing BUT RATHER the kind of relationship they have. This two beautiful characters who are so different in every ways yet they have a deep connection that can't be denied by your eyes. (If you don't get what I'm saying, take a look around season 4. You'll get me instantly.) The frustrating thing is though, that however much these two people love each other or rather love spending time with one another, they maintain a "friends only" status. It could start out a possible love affair that have been holding them back for some stupid reasons/circumstances. I mean, who among us hasn't had a friend that we were in love with who just, simply, wouldn't pick up on the cues? Or, who among us hasn't had a friend who loved us but we were unable to do anything about it? Awww, so much to look forward into Season 5. My hopes are still up whatever may come. D & B, couple or "just friends" - I will still stick to these beautiful characters that have so much chemistry goin'.


While I've always been a Chair fan and still am, I am definitely into seeing Dair get together for a while. I think they have great chemistry! I definitely hope they make Dair happen this season.
I have a question though, are we supposed to forget that there was a positive pregnancy test in the garbage of the bathroom though?


@ Andy: apparently TV Fanatic has a policy of deleting post with links, it has happened to me too, several times.


Go Dair :D

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