Penn Badgley Pushes For Return of Dair on Gossip Girl

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A good number of Gossip Girl fans became captivated by Dan and Blair this spring, only to be let down when the budding relationship was quickly swept under the rug.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Dair Moment

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

Blair is engaged to someone else, after all. But for all the talk of Louis being the perfect fit on paper, or of Chuck and Blair being the show's couple of destiny, she and Dan sure had an interesting connection, didn't they?

What do you think? More Dair in Season 5? Discuss.

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Uncle jackass

Of course, I reiterate the fact that it is irrelevant what opinion we want... Chair or Dair will happen regardless of what the fans think... :(


I like to hear Penn ships Dair. It doesn't bother me too much that Leighton is more of a Chair fan, because at least 50% of the couple does. Now to the Chair fans who say Dair won't happen, say it you want. I believe they will sometime this season. As of endgame, no one knows what going to happen. All the characters could end up independent, leaving Blair/Serena's friendship, the heart of GG. End of rambling.


Who cares what penn thinks. Leighton and Ed both said they think chair belong together and want them together in there latest interviews. Of course penn wants dair together because he knows his character is useless doing anything else.


Of couse there's gonna be more dair but that doesn't mean something romantic will happen between them. They have no sexual chemistry.u dair fans need to go back and carefully read the writers interview that said "4 yrs in the making". They were talking about friendship not nothing romantic. Chuck and Blair's chemistry has been there since the pilot and has forshadowing for the future 4 seasons. Chair has the deepest and strongest connection that dair will never have.Dan and blair kissed twice and felt nothing. Idk how u dair fans don't see that.the writers have been building chair's relationship for 4 season now. Blair even picked Louis over Dan. Dan is not even a option for Blair. Dair is never going to happen. Get over them.


DB def has the best dialogue on the show
obv he loves it & who wouldnt love to work with the best actress on the show.


If Chuck and Blair didn't end up together, Gossip Girl would be all for nothing for me, they were one of a kind and they BETTER BE ENDGAME


@ A: you are obviously new around here because if you weren't you would know that I've never said that what Chuck has done to Blair was ok or that I enjoyed it as a viewer, in fact I was very upset about what happened in 4x20. Pretty much what I meant was that the argument that DB should happen because is realistic and CB isn't doesn't hold much against a show that doesn't pretend to be 100% realistic. My reasons for not supporting Dair were CB and not CB related, my CB related reasons pretty much hit the bucket after 4x20, but my non CB related reasons stand. And I'm not saying that CB should be together right now, but I think this mess could be fixed by the end of the series, it should be fixable. And I held the writers liable for this because they pushed the envelope too far in an USA show. For the same, every day I'm more convinced some people could never stand a telenovela, worst things happen there than have happened in this show yet main couples end up together at the end.


the season finale gave Chair closure and gave Dair a green light. (them continuing their movie nights while she's in Monaco, Vanessa hinting at Dan's book portraying Blair in a good light...etc.). Dair IS happening in season 5. the writers spent the latter half of season 4, since the thanksgiving eppie last year, to build their friendship/relationship. that wasn't an accident. to those thinking that what the actors (Penn, Leighton, Ed...etc) have to say will affect things...are wrong. the writers created a foundation for the Dair relationship and they're going to follow that plan. GG wasn't getting a lot of coverage until Dair happened. Then all of the sudden, on Perez, on DigitalSpy, and other online publications, people were talking again....about the POSSIBILITY of a couple. Dair wasn't/isn't even a couple yet. I doubt the writers/creators will waste that buzz esp since it has the potential to affect so MANY relationships, the most important being the Serena/Blair friendship which is the crux of the show.


Ofc there should be more dair. That shouldn't even be a question. The real question is why is there still a chair?


Listen, this show is hightened reality. The characters are not always suppossed to use the same rationale as real life people would. So some of us like to see this type of thing. So what? We like to see a love affair whose intensity it's difficult to find in real life, and that on top of that has faced such obstacles that at this point are unrealistic by the amount and type of obstacles, and in fact some of us fans have complained about this latter fact over time because we like to see hightened reality but not unrealistic things in a drama. In any case, there is only so much that we can ask from this type of show, and while the writers's mistakes have tampered the CB relationship to a degree, many of us still feel that it's worthy of seeing it reach the happy ending that such an intense affair deserves, at least in TV land. If you want to see something that follows real life logic in which it's indeed very unlikely that someone finds true love as a teen, then you better watch another type of show or a reality, because you are not going to find what you are looking for here.

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