Pretty Little Liars Previews: The End of Ezria?

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We watched Jason and Aria grow a lot closer on Pretty Little Liars this week. Check out our review of "Never Letting Go" now.

It looks like this relationship will only intensify next Tuesday, meanwhile, as both promos (Canadian and U.S.) below tease trouble for Ezria. After all, if two is company, and three is a crowd, can you guess what that makes four?

A nightmare.

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Rhianna speranzo

im glad i watched the american preview1 now i knpow it was a police officer at the door. Also that nine lives of chloe king preview looked good for once.


but did anyone see in the canadian promo with jason and ali with the hockey stick??


I would not say it is the end of Ezria just by the previews. We already found out that it will be a love triangle so she will probably be with them both.

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